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Free Foetal DNA

The free foetal DNA test is used to determine the foetal Rh(D) type of pregnant Rh(D) Negative women who have not made immune anti-D and require the test to determine their need for antenatal anti-D prophylaxis.

Tube EDTA (Crossmatch)
ID 12704
Availability As required
Additional Information Usual transfusion sampling/labelling policies apply but the request form must also include the date of venepuncture and the EDD (by scan). A minimun of 6ml EDTA is required.
Collection Con Sample NOT to be taken prior to 12 weeks gestation (usually taken at 16 week appointment).
Frequency As required
IP Acute TAT 14 days
IP Routine TAT 14 days
GP Acute TAT 14 days
GP Routine TAT 14 days