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Group and Save

In a standard group and save request the sample has a blood group check, antibody screen and is saved for 3 months. In an antenatal group and save, the sample has a blood group check and antibody screen but the sample is not saved. The antibody screen tes

Tube EDTA (Crossmatch)
ID 12702
Availability Daily (available 24/7)
Additional Information Please note, 1). the presence of a current G&S sample in the laboratory does not indicate blood is crossmatched for that patient, 2). a patient with a positive antibody screen may encounter delayed blood provision.
Collection Con Handwritten samples to include full name, DOB and hospital / NHS / PAS number.Check local ward posters with regard to sample size for neonatal / paediatric patients.
Frequency Daily (available 24/7)
IP Acute TAT 1 hour
IP Routine TAT 3 hours
GP Routine TAT 24 - 48 hour