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Cyclosporin/Ciclosporin (Neoral)

Cyclosporin/Ciclosporin (Neoral)

Immunosuppressant drug.

Tube EDTA (Haem)
ID 12629
Availability Weekdays and Urgent only on Saturdays
Additional Information Monday to Friday
The samples must reach Block 46 Specialist Lab Medicine, SJUH by 10:30am for same day results

Saturday and Bank Holidays -This is an urgent only service
The samples must reach Specialist Laboratory Medicine, SJUH by 10.30am for same day results

No service available
Turn Around Please see additional information
Send to Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Block 46
St James hospital
Beckett Street
Contact 01132066679
Collection Con Samples must be collected pre-dose (i.e. trough).
Sample REQ Minimum sample requirements- Please ensure 0.5ml of whole blood is collected
Ref. Range Notes Reported concentrations can only be interpreted by the healthcare team/clinician responsible for the patient
Units ug/L
IP Routine TAT 1 day
GP Acute TAT - Not Available -
GP Routine TAT 2 days
Telepath CS3J