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Sweat test

A test used in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.

Tube Small sealable containers provided in the Macroduct Advanced Supply kit
ID 29992
Availability Weekdays
Additional Information For babies less than 6 weeks old it may be more appropriate to request a blood spot IRT and DNA analysis as such babies may not sweat adequately. Sweat tests can be unreliable in acutely ill patients and will only be carried out on wards in exceptional circumstances.
Turn Around 2 days
Send to Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Block 46
St James hospital
Beckett Street
Collection Con Minimum volume: 15 µL or mg for a 25 minute collection, or 18 µL or mg for a 30 minute collection.

Instructions for lab: Send to Block 46. Samples may be transported to the laboratory at room temperature if they are to be analysed within 24 hours of being taken. If this is not possible, they may be stored at 4°C and analysed within 72 hours.

Please discuss with Biochemical Genetics lab prior to rejecting any samples.
Frequency As required
Sample REQ Sweat. Sweat tests are carried out at the CF Unit based at the LGI. Appointments can be made via the CF unit reception (0113 3927125).
Ref. Range Notes <6 months: Normal <30, Equivocal 30-60, Abnormal >60.
>6 months: Normal <40, Equivocal 40-60, Abnormal >60.
Units mmol/L
Telepath Sweat test: SWT2J