The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Connect with Pharmacy

CWPHeadingStrap 670pxConnect with Pharmacy is a web-based programme that allows the electronic transfer of information and referrals from the hospital to community pharmacies. It allows the hospital pharmacy team to work with community pharmacists to help our patients get the most out of their medicines. We are now expanding the service so that other members of staff such as nurse specialists can also refer people to their community pharmacy.

How can Connect with Pharmacy help me?

Connect with Pharmacy can:

  • Improve your knowledge about your medicines
  • Reduce the chance of you being re-admitted to hospital
  • Reduce the chance of you visiting the Emergency Department
  • Reduce length of stay in hospital
  • Reduce mistakes with medicines
  • Reduce medicines that are thrown away (wasted)

You can view an interactive leaflet here.

How do I get referred?

Connect with Pharmacy allows hospital pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and specialist nurses to refer you directly to your community pharmacy for free NHS services. These services include the New Medicine Service and Medicines Use Review. If you are a patient on one of our wards and would like to be referred please speak to a member of the Pharmacy team on the ward.