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Pelvic Girdle Pain and Low Back Pain

Up to 75% of women will experience discomfort around the front or back of the pelvis in pregnancy. Pain coming from the pelvic joints or spine can be felt in your buttocks, hips, lower back, thighs, pubic bone and groin.

 Pelvic pain can be caused by any of the below;

    • pelvis6Weakness of your muscles 

Weakness in your tummy muscles, pelvic floor, hip and buttock muscles can lead to the pelvic girdle becoming less stable

    • Hormones


During pregnancy hormones can make the ligaments more soft and stretchy which can reduce support to the pelvic joints


  • Changes in your posture
  • Weight Gain

The added weight of your baby and weight gain in pregnancy causes increased pressure and load through your pelvis

    • A previous fall or accident which has damaged your pelvis

This may make your pain worse in pregnancy

With a prompt referral to our physiotherapy services and using our specialist knowledge, our treatment for these symptoms can make your pain more manageable during pregnancy.

After the delivery of your baby if your pain is not improving you can also be referred to our service within 6 weeks. Post natally, most women should expect their symptoms to improve in the first 6 weeks.