The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Role of the Nurse

Nurses have a wide variety of roles across healthcare but their role is quite specific in the Radiology Theatres. They are an essential part of the team for both patient care and assisting the Doctor (Radiologist).

During standard procedures there will usually be 2 nurses in a theatre, one will scrub and wear sterile gloves and gowns to assist the Radiologist in the procedure. The other will circulate in the room and check on the patient throughout the procedure, including writing down patient monitoring details, opening stock for the scrubbed team, organising pain relief if necessary.

Nurses in Radiology Theatres also look after patients in recovery before and after their procedures. One of the nursing team is usually the first person you’ll meet in our department as they ask you some questions to check you’re ready for your procedure. They will also keep an eye on you after your procedure and make sure you are recovered before you go home or to the ward.

Considering Nursing as a career? It is a 3 year undergraduate course which involves a large amount of placement in a clinical environment. This involves working on wards, in theatres, in the community including health visiting, school nurses.

Leeds Teaching Hospital Trusts take Nursing students from the course at the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University. To find out more about the course click the links below: