The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Blood Request Form

Certain medication prescribed by the Rheumatology team can affect the way your body functions.

To make sure that your liver and kidneys are working properly and that you have the correct levels of red and white blood cells in your body, we regularly test your blood. If you are on a stable dose of medication, this is usually done every three months.

If you haven't had your blood tested for a while, we are unable to issue a repeat prescription for your usual medication. This is because it is unsafe to do so.

Please complete the following Information Form to request a blood monitoring form from the Rheumatology nurses.

Please be aware that you will need your NHS number to complete the request. This can found in the top right hand corner of an appointment letter from the hospital or can be obtained by calling the Rheumatology Advice Line on 0113 3924444.

The blood monitoring form will then be posted to your home address.