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Clinical research is at the very heart of care at the Leeds Specialist Spondyloarthritis Service. Our aim is to provide the best quality clinical care possible and to achieve this we need to try new and improved treatments. In reality, every new medication or treatment intervention is research based and has previously undergone the clinical trial process.

As part of your clinic appointment you may be asked to take part in one of the studies we are running in our service or the wider Rheumatology department. By agreeing to take part in research you are helping to identify new disease knowledge and treatments that will benefit the lives of many others. VIDEO LINK

Your contribution to research may range from filling in a questionnaire about your symptoms, to having a scan of your joints or taking part in a trial of a new medicinal product. VIDEO LINK

Our research programme takes place at the Leeds Biomedical Research Centre and the Leeds Institute of Research and Musculoskeletal Medicine, University of Leeds, located at Chapel Allerton Hospital.  Here you will be looked after by a dedicated research team that includes doctors, nurses, radiographers and other health care professionals. VIDEO LINK

What to expect when you attend a research appointment

If you are currently participating in one of our clinical trials and would like to speak to a member of the team, you can contact the Rheumatology Research Nurses' office on 0113 3924729 or email

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