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St James's Laser Vision

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Why risk the high street when the best is here?

Laser eye correction is not available on the NHS, but is available on the high street and in private clinics. St James's Laser Vision takes the risk out of choosing. Top consultants from the regional centre for ophthalmology are waiting to discuss your treatment with you. If you decide it's the best thing to do, then they will treat you personally. With access to the latest equipment only a university hospital can offer, why would you want to risk anywhere else?


Mr. Andrew Morrell and Mr. James Ball are Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons.

They perform laser eye surgery at St James's Laser Vision under the governance of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Both Mr. Morrell and Mr. Ball are NHS consultant ophthalmic surgeons with advanced training and experience in laser eye surgery.


Mr. Andrew Morrell and Mr. James Ball are both Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

They are both trained in corneal and refractive surgery and are consultants in the region's top teaching hospital. Others who offer this service are not.

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