The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Resuscitative Surgery

The Major Trauma Centre is supported by a resuscitative surgical team.  This team help patients by repairing a range of injuries and stopping bleeding in the torso, limbs and torso junctions,  The resuscitative surgical team are currently constituted of LTHT vascular surgeons and is embedded within the multidisciplinary Leeds Major Trauma Centre (MTC) team to help provide some of the best outcomes for major trauma patients in one of the busiest MTCs in the UK.

LTHT Resuscitative Surgeons 2023

  • Mr Paddy Coughlin
  • Ms Rosie Darwood (Vascular Clinical Lead)
  • Mr James Forsythe
  • Mr Hasem Hseino
  • Ms Nonica Maftei
  • Mr Ahmed Nassef
  • Ms Jennifer Robson
  • Mr David Russell
  • Mr Venugopal Shankar
  • Mr Tim Stansfield (Lead Resuscitative Surgeon)
  • Mr Max Troxler
  • Mr Tom Wallace

Opportunities for NHS surgical trainees

LTHT is one of only five centres in the UK that offers a Major Trauma (resuscitative surgery) Training Interface Group Fellowship.

The resuscitative surgery group is planning to run an inaugural 2 day cadaveric “Leeds resuscitative surgery course” in 2023. This will be advertised locally and regionally in due course.

The Homer-Vanniasinkam Vascular Simulation Training Centre (HVVSTC), based in Leeds General Infirmary Gilbert Scott Building, offers resuscitative surgical training desktop training. The resuscitation surgery group affiliated to HVVSTC is currently developing construct validity for various haemorrhage control models. If you would like to get involved in developing these models then please contact Tim Stansfield through NHS email.