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Emily Briganti



Emily Briganti

Job title


Cardiorespiratory therapy team leader at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

How long have you worked in this role/in major trauma?


4 years

Emily BrigantiWhat are the main responsibilities in your role?

My responsibility as Cardiorespiratory team leader is to facilitate the therapy teams to highlight the patients within the Trust who are on the chest trauma pathway, highlighting accordingly on our system, assessing the patient, and providing appropriate chest physiotherapy input.

I recently conducted a piece of work in conjunction with the major trauma lead at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Alex Danecki. We identified a gap in our service regarding chest trauma patients. Patients were not routinely receiving chest physiotherapy on admission with a chest trauma. I facilitated the therapy team to conduct an initial audit, then supported the creation of a pathway in conjunction with the emergency department consultant. This included teaching different members of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and then the work was re-audited. Following this piece of work, the average length of stay decreased from 9.55 days to 6.63 days - a far improved experience for our patients.


What’s the best thing about your job?

Working with such a close-knit team who always support each other to provide the best patient care whilst also having fun and enjoying our work.


What is the most important aspect of delivering excellent patient care?

Putting the patient at the centre of all care and ensuring their care is reflecting the most up-to-date evidence base. Ensuring the MDT works as a team to provide this care by utilising effective communication and provision of skills.


Tell us something people are surprised to find out about you.

The Briganti tribe in pre-Roman time ruled the north of England, which was known as ‘Brigantia’, now known as Yorkshire!