The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Family-friendly spaces

If your child is in hospital, you want to be there too. So, our hospital design will keep the whole family in mind, with facilities for parents, places to be together and remembering that even touches like extra space around the beds can make all the difference to a family’s comfort.

From the minute you walk in, you’ll be in for a surprise. It won’t feel like a hospital. Instead, you’ll enter a space filled with light, colour, views, greenery, places to sit or to relax, shops and cafés – all designed to make families feel welcome, to entertain, distract and reduce anxiety.

Childrens inside building

We know it’s important to get away from the hospital environment from time to time. So we’ll also make sure there will be places to spend time alone or with friends, use technology and media or go outside in our landscaped surroundings – fresh air and green space that evidence suggests is so vital for a patient’s wellbeing and can even help their recovery.