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How to get a copy

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We want everyone at LTHT to have read a copy of this book. Not only that - we want it to go far and wide, starting as many inclusive conversations as possible across the NHS and beyond.

Whether you are a member of staff at LTHT or a member of the public, the following outline a few different ways about how you can get involved.

Pledge to set up an LTHT Amplifying Voices reading group

For LTHT staff only. Make a pledge to set up your own LTHT reading group by providing your name plus the names of at least four other members of staff, and we'll send you all a free copy of the book for you to get through at your own pace. We'll also send you an Amplifying Voices discussion pack, helping you to reflect on each story with your reading group and making opportunities for inclusive conversations. 

Create your reading group on Typeform

Get your own copy

For LTHT staff only. If you'd like to get a free single copy of the book for yourself, please give us a few details about where you are based using the Typeform link below and we'll either be in touch or point you in the right direction where you can collect a copy.

Get your free book via Typeform

Loan from the LTHT Staff Library

For LTHT staff only. Our Staff Library has several lending copies of the book available to any member of LTHT staff to load. Ask for a lending copy of the book via the Staff Library website, or email to request a loan. 

Loan the book via Leeds Libraries for Health

Buy a copy from Leeds Hospitals Charity

We want to share this book and its stories with as many people as possible. While we have set aside a number of copies for our staff, it is possible to order a copy of the book from our charity partner's website. To help us cover our costs in bringing these important stories to life and to help us reach even more people with their message, we are asking for a donation of £7.99 to Leeds Hospitals Charity.

Buy the book from Leeds Hospitals Charity

Listen to the contributors tell their own stories

Over the coming months we'll be adding recordings of the contributors telling their stories in their own voices. We'll continue to update the playlist for the anthology on Soundcloud so check back for more.

Listen to Amplifying Voices on SoundCloud