The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Equality Delivery System

NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS)

The EDS serves the purpose of helping NHS organisations review and improve their performance in respect of the protected characteristics through discussion with local partners and local populations. The EDS fundamentally helps NHS organisations to deliver on their Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) set out in The Equality Act 2010, as an employer, commissioner and a service provider. EDS compliance has been mandated in the NHS Standard Contract since April 2015 (SC13.5 Equity of Access, Equality and Non-Discrimination).

Revised EDS for 2023/24 - EDS 2022

A review of the EDS was undertaken throughout 2021 and 2022 to incorporate system changes and take account of the new system architecture. Through collaboration and co-production and taking into consideration the impact of COVID-19, the EDS was updated and transitioned from EDS2 to EDS 2022 comprising of eleven outcomes spread across 3 Domains:

  • Domain 1 Commissioned or provided services
  • Domain 2 Workforce health and well-being
  • Domain 3 Inclusive leadership

EDS 2022 was published on the NHS England website in August 2022 and shared with the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership Integrated Care Board (ICB) and stipulated that EDS reviews should:

  • Be carried out annually with the result of the review published on organisation websites by 28th February.
  • Take place as follows:

Domain 1 - Summer/Quarter 2
Domain 2 - Spring/Quarters 1
Domain 3 - Autumn/Quarter 3

EDS 2022 is described as a simplified and easier-to-use version and is aligned to NHS England’s Long Term Plan and its commitment to an inclusive NHS that is fair and accessible to all. Detailed information on EDS 2022 is contained in the EDS Technical Guidance.

EDS for 2022/23 - EDS2

Due to the challenge to implement EDS 2022 by February 2023 that has been recognised locally and regionally, it has been agreed across Leeds to:

  • Complete the existing three-year EDS process based on EDS2 and publish self-assessments against Goals 3 and 4 by the 28th February 2023.
  • Begin compliance against EDS 2022 at the start of the new financial year on the 1st April in continued collaboration with the Integrated Care Board (ICB) representing Leeds, Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust and Leeds and Community Healthcare.

Please find below Goals 3 & 4 Self-Assessments for 2022/23:

Goal 3 ‘Empowered, Engaged and well-supported staff’ 

Goal 4 ‘Inclusive Leadership At All Levels’