The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Equality Objectives

‘Free From Discrimination’ People Priority

LTHT has an objective to be the Best Place to Work and in support of this we have seven People Priorities, one of which is:

By working in a way which is inclusive and free from discrimination we will value and recognise the contribution of every employee, volunteer and student.

To achieve ‘free from discrimination’, the following key actions have been set following analysis of equality information and the identifying of the most pressing inequalities. All actions and associated projects are regularly reviewed and progress reported to Workforce Committee to ensure fit for purpose.

Representation of BME staff at Board and senior management levels

  • Increase % BME staff at AfC 8a and above and at Board level

Representation of disabled staff at Board and senior management levels

  • Increase % of staff who have defined their disability status on ESR at AfC 8a and above, consultants and Board level

Representative workforce across all protected characteristics at all levels

  • Increase the % of workforce with equality information recorded in ESR and review of the recruitment process

Belief in equal opportunities

  • Increase the % of staff believing the Trust provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion
  • Increase the number of staff receiving non-mandatory E & D training
  • Increase participation in staff networks

Equity of experience

  • Decrease the% of staff experiencing harassment, bullying and abuse
  • Decrease the likelihood of BME and disabled staff entering formal disciplinary process
  • Decrease the % of staff experiencing discrimination
  • Increase staff engagement score for staff with protected characteristics
  • Support female employees to receive Clinical Excellence Awards in order to reduce the gender pay gap

Free From Discrimination Action Plan 20-2021 Table