The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Equality Objectives

equality objective map

Equality Objectives 2012 - 2016

Under the Equality Act 2010, we are required to develop and publish our new equality objectives, and set out how we will measure improvements against them over the next four years. The purpose of setting equality objectives is to strengthen our performance in meeting the general equality duty and ensure that we are making year on year progress in advancing equality and human rights for all protected groups, both for our patients and their carers and those who work at the Trust.

To help us develop relevant equality objectives involving key stakeholders, the four NHS Trusts in Leeds worked together with local interest groups to deliver a city wide health economy approach to this work. We used the new national Equality Delivery System (EDS) as a framework for involving our staff and local communities in assessing our equality performance and identifying future actions and priorities.

Drawing on a wide range of local evidence and data, including our recently published equality information reports, the EDS assessments and outcomes from consultation and engagement with local interest groups and staff, we identified the following joint equality objectives for the four NHS Trusts:

  • To improve the collection, analysis and use of equality data and monitoring for protected groups
  • To support the development of leadership at all levels within the ‘NHS’ economy in Leeds in a way that values and promotes equality, diversity and inclusion
  • To ensure ongoing involvement and engagement of protected groups and ‘local interests’ including patients, carers, staff, third sector, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Local Authority
  • To improve access to NHS services for protected groups

We developed a visual map showing our local evidence base and how we arrived at our equality objectives.

The joint equality objectives were further developed into a set of specific and measurable actions for Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. 

Monitoring our Progress

Our equality and diversity group will review progress against our workplan on a quarterly basis and the equality objectives are reviewed annually by the Board.

We have published a progress update against our equality objectives.

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, our equality objectives have been reviewed in light of updated evidence. This is held in the Public Sector Equality Duty Report published in January 2013. Local stakeholders have been consulted on progress made to date and the inclusion of new objectives.