The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

New LGI labs showcased for national conference of heart experts

23 January 2014

The British Cardiovascular Intervention Society invited the Cardiology team at the LGI to perform live procedures for its annual conference in London. The Leeds-based team showcased the latest techniques from their brand new Cardiac Catheterisation Labs via web-link. The conference picks cardiology units each year based on excellence and the ability of the teams to carry out the latest procedures. Amongst the surgeries that took place at the LGI were renal denervation, a pioneering technique to treat high blood pressure, and transcatheter aortic valve implantation, a revolutionary keyhole valve replacement procedure. The new Philips-equipped Labs can offer much safer operations due to the superior imaging, which helps doctors to perform some of the most intricate procedures in order to fix heart conditions. The refurbishment cost over £450,000, making the latest in advanced cardiovascular intervention technology now available to the medical teams. Dr Dan Blackman, Consultant in Cardiology, said “The new labs have really improved the quality of care we can provide as well as the breadth of procedures we can offer.” “The Yorkshire Heart Centre at the LGI is the UK’s biggest centre for emergency angioplasties (treating heart attacks), but it’s the specialist work such as that demonstrated over the past two days that makes us one of the UK’s leading heart units.”