The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Public views sought on hospitals' strategy document

11 February 2014

Patients and the public are being invited to use cutting edge ‘crowdsourcing’ technology to participate in a consultation about the future of hospitals in the city.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has published its strategy consultation document and wants people to sign up to use an online system to give interactive feedback on the ideas suggested by hospital leaders, staff and stakeholders.

The document can be viewed online here: 

Trust Chief Executive, Julian Hartley, said: “This is a crucial time for Leeds Teaching Hospitals and the Trust Board are keen to gather as many stakeholder views as possible in order to ensure that our future plans respond to the needs of our stakeholders and achieve the best possible results for the patients and communities we serve.

“Our strategy is based on extensive consultation within the Trust about the right values, vision and goals. Over the past three months more than 2,300 staff in our hospitals have participated in the discussion, contributing more than 2,000 ideas and comments and around 28,000 responses to those ideas.

“This consultation document is the product of that work and we are consulting widely to see whether we have got it right.”

The Trust is using a web-based platform called WayFinder to gather feedback. Thousands of members of staff and hundreds of stakeholders have already been invited to have their say. Now the system is being opened up to patients and the public.

All you need to do to take part is to sign up to use the WayFinder system. Simply e-mail your name and contact details to ross.langford(at) Your unique login and password will be sent back to you by e-mail so that you can join the consultation.

The system is set up so that all contributions are anonymous. This means it is the idea that gets supported or opposed rather than the person suggesting an idea or making a comment

Those who prefer not to use the online system can send their views by post to:

Strategy Consultation

Communications Department

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

1st Floor Trust Headquarters

St James’s University Hospital

Beckett Street

Leeds LS9 7TF.