The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

New Digital App Makes Hospital Appointments More Accessible

4 July 2022

A new hospital appointments app has been launched by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to enable the parents of children under the care of Neonatology, Paediatric Rheumatology, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery and Paediatric Cardiology to more easily manage their appointments.

Over 18,000 appointments a year are delivered by these services, with families now able to benefit from the new Patient Hub app, which is more accessible on their smartphones and tablets. Families are being contacted to be given access to a quicker and easier way of confirming, amending or cancelling their appointments. They have also been made aware of the additional information available to them, such as maps, making getting to appointments easier and less stressful.

Hannah Shore, Consultant Neonatologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said; “There’s nothing worse than feeling confused or worried about getting to an appointment, or forgetting the date of an appointment. We’re excited about switching to Patient Hub as it will get the information to families in a quick and easy way that they can regularly check and access.”

“There’s so much focus on resetting our services and patient experience post pandemic, and it has been vital to look at transforming the way we communicate with our patients. Patient Hub will enable patients to have more control over their appointments.”

A pilot begins initially in these children-specific areas. It is anticipated that long-term using the app will save the Trust money, particularly in postage costs. The use of the app by other trusts has highlighted that there is an increase in the availability of appointments, with people cancelling those they no longer need, and an improvement in the number of no-shows.

Patient Hub is accessible through any smart phone device or tablet and patients are able to opt out if they don’t want to take part.

The aim is to increase access to further hospital services in the autumn and to continue across all areas giving all patients the option to access and manage their appointments in this way.

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