The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Q&A with our apprentices - James Morley

5 February 2020

For National Apprentice Week 2020 we are hearing from our own apprentices from a range of programmes across the Trust about their experiences here in Leeds and where it's taken them.

Today we're hearing from James Morley, Apprentice Clinical Support Worker.

1. What apprenticeship are you enrolled on?

I am currently doing the Level 2 Apprentice Clinical Support Worker programme.

P14007132. What made you choose this qualification and why do it through an apprenticeship?

I chose this qualification as I have a caring nature and wanted a career where I can give back to the local community, care for people and progress on to further success. I worked as a flight attendant before but really wanted to make a change to be at home and settled in rewarding career. After delivering a family member's baby I realised I wanted to study Midwifery. However, I did not have the grades from school to go straight on to the Midwifery course therefore this course will get my grades up to be able to study further.

I realised an apprenticeship was the best course for me as I learn better on the job rather than sat in a classroom every day and studying from home. With the apprenticeship you get a full time salary, the NVQ qualification paid for by the Trust and the help from the other Clinical Support Workers and also the Nurses on your ward.

3. What difference does this apprenticeship make for you and your role in the Trust?

The apprenticeship has given me the ability to further my education and learn at a pace that is comfortable for me. With flexible working hours and great management team you still manage to have a home life. I am able to re-educate myself after been out of education for 17 years. The apprenticeship has given me the drive to further my career, empowered me to go further in life and progress. Thank you.

4. How can I find out more?

For more information about our Apprentice Clinical Support Worker programmes please contact our Organisational Learning team at