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NAW2021 - Meet our apprentices: Alice Duncan

9 February 2021

National Apprenticeship Week is here! We are meeting some of our own apprentices this week to hear about their experiences on programmes here in Leeds and how they are building their future.

1. Please introduce yourself!

My name is Alice Duncan, I’m 19 and currently on the 2 year Level 4 Healthcare Science Apprenticeship.

Alice2. Why did you choose that specific apprenticeship?

Getting to work in a variety of clinical engineering disciplines (such as radiotherapy, renal and theatre teams) was very appealing to me. The course structure was also very well planned out, as you get to develop practical skills alongside the theoretical study of practice.

3. Was there any decision between the apprenticeship route and any other route? E.g. university etc

I had considered university but decided upon the apprenticeship route. I think an apprenticeship has more advantages when seeking a career in engineering, as getting practical experience from day one is really important for developing key skills.

4. What has been your proudest achievement on your apprenticeship to date?

Completing the tapping hammer project. I designed the tool in CAD and then worked alongside the mechanical workshop team to craft it. Learning how to use the workshop machinery (such as the lathe and pillar drill) was really interesting and unlike anything I’d done before.

5. What work has been like since COVID-19 outbreak and how your work had changed because of it?

Not much has changed due to COVID since I started. PPE and social distancing measures are still in place. The work we do is essential to the continuation of NHS services, so working from home is more common than before - but still limited.

6. How do you see your apprenticeship helping you in your career progression?

This apprenticeship has given me a strong understanding of the fundamentals of clinical engineering. Having practical experience from day one has helped me to understand the policies and procedures we abide by, which are an essential part of any NHS career. LTHT offer progression onto the Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship upon completion of the Level 4, which I’m very interested in and hope to be working on in future.

7. What would your advice be to anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship?

Research your options and think about exactly what you want from your education. Feel free to reach out to apprenticeship organisers with any questions you may have!


For more information about an apprenticeships, email us at and a member of our team will get in touch.