The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Our People

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Providing patients with the highest standard of care is the cornerstone of our work at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and our people are integral to this.

In Leeds, we have some of the leading experts in their fields and specialisms

We operate a clinically led structure, putting doctors and nurses, or other healthcare professionals, and managers into a decision-making team.

We have 19 Clinical Service Units (CSUs) which deliver all of our services. Each CSU has its own clinical focus and is responsible for delivering the highest standards of quality, safety and financial performance for their service. You can find out more about the CSUs in Our Structure.

Ensuring the safe delivery of care and effective running of our services and hospitals is a team effort. As well as nursing, medical and scientific roles, our dedicated Estates and Facilities team provides support services and there are also a number of corporate functions contributing to the smooth running of the Trust, including Finance, Informatics, Human Resources and Patient Administration.

Our people work in a wide variety of roles, each of them playing a vital part in our on-going success. We have some of the leading experts in their fields working in Leeds and they continue to receive the very highest accolades in their professions, including national and international recognition.

Developing the best workforce

If we are to achieve our vision, we need to retain and attract the best possible workforce to support us. We have developed a dedicated recruitment website which has been designed to reflect The Leeds Way and will help us bring more great people on board.

We recognise that when our people are engaged, well trained, well led and supported, we provide better services, see a positive impact on patient outcomes and an improvement in financial efficiency.

Engaging our people means all those who deliver our services; staff, students and volunteers. It is important that our people feel able to influence decisions and feel empowered in their roles. We do this by recognising, celebrating and sharing the successes of individuals and teams who demonstrate our commitment to patient care and living The Leeds Way.

We are also committed to supporting the health wellbeing of our people. We pro-actively support people to keep well whilst offering additional support when required.

Highly trained people

We provide training and career progression opportunities including coaching and mentoring programmes for developing skills and performance. We also offer customer care courses which are designed to support staff in caring for our patients.

We have over 150 apprenticeship programmes taking place across the Trust, including pharmacy, clinical simulation, healthcare science, apprentice clinical support workers, estates and facilities and nursing support staff.

Effective leadership is essential to delivering our services. We provide Leading in Leeds training programmes to develop key leadership behaviours and skills across all areas of management, including our clinical managers who play a pivotal role in our organisation.