The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson - Consultant Anaesthetist

My Job Matt Simpson “I work in a number of different areas including Obstetric anaesthesia where I cover the delivery suite every Tuesday for elective caesarean sections, emergency cases and labour epidurals. I also cover the high risk obstetric clinic, seeing obstetric patients with medical problems or previous bad experiences. I also have a regular vascular access list where I put in Hickmann lines, PICC lines and midlines into patients who have poor venous access and need long term medication. More recently I have taken to inserting the midlines on the wards, with a specially designed trolley, this limits moving highly infective patients around the hospital and appears to be favoured by the ward staff. Since starting my job at St. James’s, I have worked regularly with Mr Ball, anaesthetising patients for corneal transplants, helping them to regain their sight. Finally, I work in colorectal anaesthesia, involved with robotic colorectal surgery and regularly work on Saturdays in acute theatres.”

“In my career so far I chair the Trust’s Clinical Information and Outcomes Group (CIOG) which is making huge inroads in assuring the quality of data leaving the trust. I have setup a course for midwives, training in caring for critically unwell women. I also organise and run an exam course for the anaesthetic final exams for the trainees. For the last five years I have been designing,  inventing and producing a new system for delivery of regional anaesthesia and is currently awaiting patent granting and first stage of testing. This has created a lot of links with Leeds University and I am now an Innovation Scout for the whole of the Yorkshire and Humber region.”

“The best thing about my job is how varied my week is. I get to work with some fantastic people in completely different areas of the hospital and no two days are the same. I guess I am quite fortunate that doing anaesthetics I reach into so many different areas of the hospital and so despite its size Jimmy’s feels very friendly and familiar to me.”

“My best advice to a new starter at the Trust is don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. Coming to a trust this size can be fairly daunting for some people, but deep down we are all part of the same team, with the same goals and working together in harmony will always achieve greater results than doing things in isolation. Leeds is a fantastic place to work and there are always people willing to help or be a friendly ear.”