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Megan Whiteley

Megan Whiteley - Occupational Therapist

Megan Whiteley“I am based on the acute stroke ward and I am predominantly based on the hyper acute unit. I am involved with the initial assessment of the stroke patient - from an OT perspective this includes assessing vision, cognition, motor aspects - particularly the upper limb, perception and identifying whether a patient requires ongoing inpatient therapy or needs can be met in the community by appropriate teams. 

I am involved in beginning the neurological assessment for each patient and then setting the treatment plans as appropriate. These are then continued when a patient is medically stable to step down to the acute ward. I have the opportunity to work very closely with the physiotherapists, being involved with their first sit/mobility and joint working with the speech and language therapists.

Usually my days are filled and can be very busy due to the nature of the acute setting. Each day is very different however I personally enjoy the fast paced environment and working closely with the MDT in the assessment process.

I usually attend a ward round daily to discuss the hyper acute stroke patients and collaboratively as a team ensure patient needs are met and handover important therapy information.

A positive factor I have certainly noticed since being at LTHT is the amount of support that has been available, particularly from a professional capacity and career progression.

Since working at LTHT, my time has mainly been spent on two of our stroke wards, both of which have been thoroughly enjoyable. I have had the opportunity to work alongside some very experienced and supportive MDT members. Both of these wards have been noticeably busy at times and due to the nature of the stroke environment can face some difficult times, however on both wards all members of staff I have closely worked with remain positive and work in a very person centred manner - which only consolidates how enjoyable working for LTHT is. It feels a very collaborative and enjoyable place to work.

Life outside of work can be busy! During the week I tend to go the gym a few times a week and catch up with friends after work. I recently completed the Leeds Half Marathon and for some bizarre reason enjoyed it! I also enjoy spending time with friends and family and going away.

My next trip is a weekend in Dublin and I am going to Bali for two weeks later this year with my closest friends to travel, so I am very much looking forward to this and shopping for this holiday has started! Then after that it’s probably time to start saving!"