The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Our Values

We will always be patient-centred, fair, collaborative, accountable and empowered




  • We consistently deliver high quality, safe care
  • We work around the patient and their carers and focus on meeting their individual needs
  • We act with compassion, sensitivity and kindness towards patients, carers and relatives .




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  • We treat patients how we would wish to be treated
  • We strive to maintain the dignity and respect of each patient, being particularly attentive to the needs of vulnerable groups





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  • We are all one team with a common purpose
  • We include all relevant patients and staff in our discussions and decisions
  • We work in partnership with patients, their families and other providers so they feel in control of their health and care needs





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  • We act with integrity and are always true to our word
  • We are honest with patients, colleagues and our communities at all times
  • We disclose results and accept responsibility for our actions




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  • We empower colleagues and patients to make decisions
  • We expect colleagues to help build and maintain staff satisfaction and morale
  • We celebrate staff who innovate and go the extra mile for their patients and colleagues




Our Five Year Strategy

Over the last five years we’ve seen fantastic achievements across the Trust. Major investments in research and innovation, pioneering treatments, brand new facilities and high-quality care have been consistently delivered across the Trust.

We have secured £600m of investment to build our two new hospitals at Leeds General Infirmary.

Looking ahead, The Leeds Way will continue to inform all we do to deliver our vision to be the best for specialist and integrated care. Being patient centred, fair, collaborative, accountable and empowered runs through everything we do. If we get this right, Leeds Teaching Hospitals will increasingly become the best for patient safety and quality, the best place to work, a place for seamless integrated care, a centre of excellence for research and education and financially sustainable.

Learn more about our Five Year Strategy