The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Our Values

Our Values

We will always be patient-centred, fair, collaborative, accountable and empowered

Patient Centered


  • Consistently deliver high quality, safe care.
  • Organise around the patient and their carers and focus on meeting their individual needs.
  • Act with compassion, sensitivity and kindness towards patients, carers and relatives.


  • We will treat others how we would wish to be treated.
  • Strive to maintain the respect and dignity of each patient, being particularly attentive to the needs of vulnerable groups.


  • Recognise we are all one team with a common purpose.
  • Include all relevant patients and staff in our discussions and decisions.
  • Work in partnership with patients, their families, and other providers - they will feel in control of their health and care needs.


  • Act with integrity and always be true to our word.
  • Be honest with patients, colleagues and our communities at all times.
  • Disclose results and accept responsibility for our actions.


  • Empower colleagues and patients to make decisions.
  • Expect colleagues to help build and maintain staff satisfaction and morale - more can be achieved when staff are happy and proud to come to work.
  • Celebrate staff who innovate and who go the extra mile for their patients and colleagues.

Our Five Year Strategy

The future of healthcare is about building seamless integrated services, supported by specialist providers when people need them. We already work with our local health and social care partners to provide seamless care for patients between primary, community and secondary care services and we are committed to driving forward integrated care in Leeds to ensure that these pathways continue to develop.

We want to empower and invest in our staff and allow them the autonomy and freedom to deliver safe, effective and personal healthcare for every patient, every time.

We will also deliver leading edge innovation, achieve academic and educational excellence and expand the boundaries of healthcare.

By living our values and delivering our five goals, we will create a platform to build a strong portfolio of specialist work at a national and regional level and provide seamless integrated care to local patients and beyond.

If you'd like to learn more about our Five Year Strategy and ‘The Leeds Way’, you can download the full document.