The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Education & Training

Here at Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust we provide a range of education and training courses. 

We offer a 2 hour Education and Training module in Understanding Value and Waste to help staff identify waste in our processes and define value from the perspective of our patients. This is the foundation of identifying opportunities for improvement and empowering staff at all levels to improve the patient experience.

For those striving to continue, we offer our Lean for Leaders and  Advanced Lean Training programmes, where the principles and tools of lean methodology and management are explored, providing the capacity to teach, coach and mentor others in lean in a healthcare setting.

We currently have over 50% of the organisation with lean training and are continuing to build these numbers weekly.

Benefits of embedding the Leeds improvement Method across the organisation:

  • Puts the patient at the heart of all we do
  • Improves quality and safety
  • Reduces waste
  • Promotes Respectful Behaviours