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Information about Value Streams

Value Stream one - Elective Orthopaedics 

This Value Stream is looking at how we can improve the way we schedule patients on our theatre lists when requiring an elective hip or knee procedure and also at how we can manage our inventory so we have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time, ensuring improved patient experience and safety.

Project one: Our theatre lists in our elective orthopaedics service go through a variety of changes from the point at which they are created up to the actual day of surgery. These changes happen for a number of reasons, including clinical reasons in some instances, and can have a negative impact on our patients’ experience, such as longer waiting times, longer recovery times etc.

This project is looking at what we can do as a team to improve this and improve the experience of our patients.

Further information about this work is included below.

Video of staff describing the work from the Rapid Process Improvement Workshop 



The Healthcare Finance Managers Association (HFMA) visited staff from Value Stream 1 to find out more about their work.  This article was published in its members magazine in June 2016, highlighting our work and the impact on quality of care and financial efficiency.  

Thank you to the HFMA for permission to publish the article. 


Joseph aderinto

Experiencing the Leeds Improvement Method first hand.

Mr Joseph Aderinto, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon talks about his experience as Process Owner for the first value stream of the Leeds Improvement Method.


Value Stream 2 - Discharge - Transurethral Resection of the Prostate 

This Value Stream is looking at how we ensure patients move through this pathway of care achieving a timely discharge in a consistent and safe way. It is also focusing on ensuring clear roles and responsibilities for staff and that patients are well informed about their care.

Further information about this work is included below.

This work is in the early stages and this area will be updated when information is available.


Value Stream three - Critical Care Flow 

This Value Stream is looking at ways to improve the process of discharging patients from critical care to a neurosurgery ward.

The scope of the project runs from the moment the decision to step down the care of a patient in critical care is formalised until the time the patient is settled onto the neurosurgery ward.

The aim is to make the flow more efficient, improve the timeliness of step down  and give patients a better experience.


Value Stream Four - Opthalmology Outpatients 

Value Stream 4 is an exciting joint project now underway across the Outpatients and Head & Neck Clinical Service Units.

This project aims to improve the experience for ophthalmology patients and colleagues through improving processes and developing closer ways of working.

A Sponsorship Development Session took place in early December 2016 where there was some fantastic clinical and administrative engagement and real enthusiasm to improve processes for patients and make the best use of staff time and expertise. There was a great buzz about this opportunity for in-depth work to develop improvements to the patient pathway.

Five key areas for detailed improvement work were jointly identified and agreed as a result of the session. These areas will be looked at in turn. They are:

  • The initial nursing review
  • How we schedule our patients
  • How we set-up the clinic rooms
  • What the patient waiting experience is like
  • How we  can improve the environment.