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Recruitment Events

As a Trust we are constantly looking for ways to connect with potential candidates like you and we do this most successfully via our Recruitment Events!

We hold three large recruitment events per year which are linked to open cohort adverts.

You may be asking yourself what does cohort mean? When we recruit on a cohort basis it means we are recruiting to multiple areas of the Trust via one advert. You can always find the areas we are recruiting to within the advert wording for the role you are interested in applying for. Please ensure you include your preferred area to work (if you have one) within the supporting information section of your application. This allows us to align you with the correct area for interview should you be shortlisted.

Our three large recruitment events bring together the majority of our Clinical Service Units across the Trust and provides a platform where you can chat to existing members of staff within these areas to learn about specific vacancies, training and education opportunities, experiences of working within the Trust, application guidance, career development options and ask any relevant questions you may have. We encourage you to attend these events, in any format they are delivered, to connect and feel informed about Leeds Teaching Hospitals in order to make the right decision for you.

A Few Snapshots Taken From A Recruitment Event

In addition to this we also host Clinical Service Unit specific recruitment events throughout the year which focus on current vacancies within those areas and allow the opportunity to attend tours of the area. Live NHS jobs adverts will be linked to these specific events in order for you to apply either before or after you have attended.

Each recruitment event at Leeds Teaching Hospitals will be advertised via an event page on the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust Facebook site. The event page will provide you with key information such as the location, timings and workshops available throughout the day!

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