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Patient communication

Attend Anywhere - video consultation system

Attend Anywhere is the Trust’s Video Consultation system which allows clinicians to have secure, virtual consultations with their patients.

During the current climate especially, but also beyond, we are encouraging more people to start using this service.  Whilst not all patients and clinic types will be suitable for this type of appointment, there are many that are.  Feedback we have received so far from those areas using the service has been very positive, from both a clinical and patient perspective.

Full training and guidance to get you started is available with continued support provided throughout from the Informatics teams.

If you would like further information on Attend Anywhere including how to set up an account please email

Questions from patients 

 From time to time you may receive questions from patients - usually seeking reassurance on our Trust's preparedness. The following are messages that you can share with them:

  • We are well prepared to care for patients with suspected COVID-19 (coronavirus) and we are working closely with Public Health England to respond to this issue. 
  • We have very robust processes in place to test anyone who is suspected of having coronavirus and patients who are being tested are kept isolated away from other patients. 
  • If a patient tests positive, we have a very comprehensive plan in place for how we will care for them here or safely transfer them to a specialist unit. 
  • There are some simple steps we can all take to prevent the spread of this virus: wash your hands with warm, soapy water or use hand gel if you can't get to a sink. If you sneeze, catch it in a tissue and throw the tissue away before washing your hands again. Avoid touching your nose or mouth with unwashed hands and avoid close contact with people who are unwell. 

For general questions about coronavirus please direct the public to the NHS website:

Guidance for patients on discharge

This letter should be sent to discharged patients who have inadvertently spent time in an area that was also used by a patient who has subsequently tested as positive for COVID-19.

Changes to visiting times

To minimise infection and keep our patients safe visiting times may change dependent upon the local situation in Leeds. The visiting times page has the latest updates and guidance for patients and their families. 

Changes to patient appointments  Useful information

Please use the below link to access the toolkit for communicating changes to patient appointments. 

  • Patient Communications Toolkit [updated 19/03/2020]

  • This pack contains:
  • Amended appointment (switch to telephone) letter template
  • Cancelled operation/appointment/procedure letter template
  • Amended appointment (switch to telephone) script
  • Cancelled operation/appointment/procedure script

Useful information


Important changes to bookings with the Outpatient Patient Transport Service (PTS)

From this week, all outpatient transport bookings must be booked via telephone, either by a healthcare professional or self-booked by the patient.

This change applies to all patients registered with a GP in South or West Yorkshire who are eligible for NHS-funded transport - it has already been rolled out to patients registered with a GP in North Yorkshire, Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire.

When patients or healthcare representatives contact Yorkshire Ambulance Service to book a journey they will be asked screening questions to identify if NHS-funded transport is appropriate, and to understand the patient’s transport needs. The same questions will be asked if patients self-book, if a healthcare professional makes the telephone booking on their behalf, or if the booking is made online via Quick Book (electronic bookings made via PAS will no longer be available).

Patients attending for face to face appointments have been informed of the changes and asked to book their own transport in the outpatients appointment booklet which is being sent out with all patient letters printed by central print team.

To book a PTS journey, please call 0300 330 2000. A leaflet with more details for staff is available here

You can also book online using Quick Book: - if you do not have a Quick Book account set up, you can request one by emailing: