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Paediatric surgeon Mr Azad Najmaldin retires

11 August 2017

LTHT paediatric surgeon Mr Azad Najmaldin retired last month after a 40 year career in the NHS, 25 of those here in Leeds.
Chris Sills’ daughter Mabel was born prematurely at 27 weeks in the LGI and since then has spent a lot of time in hospital. Mr Najmaldin is one of her consultants and her dad wanted to write a thank you for the way he has cared for Mabel over the years.
“We were told that Mabel needed an urgent operation to remove the stones from her kidneys but it would be done using a robot that would be piloted by Azad, (please forgive me if you don’t pilot a robot but I thought used sounded like it was easy)… We quickly discovered during that search that we were going to place the care of our precious daughter in the hands of one of the most skilled Paediatric surgeons in the world."
"His honest straight to the point manor of explaining things sat well with us as we wanted all the details be they good or bad. We always felt that we were his only patients of course this was not true but the care and devotion he showed Mabel made us feel like this."
"Mabel suffers from anxiety from her hospital stays and is often not accommodating to doctors and surgeons who visit her at the bedside, often getting upset wondering what was going to happen, this was also true with Azad at the start but his caring bedside manner with our little girl soon put her at ease and during her most recent stay in hospital told Azad that she had stinky feet and he was free to have a smell if he wanted, to which he declined.”
 Mabel and family
"I think if Mabel could have written this she would have said thank you. Thank you for the care you showed me and skill you performed during each procedure. Thank you for always being honest about what was going to happen and thank you for when things didn’t go exactly to plan for ensuring that everything possible was done to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."
"My wife and I and especially Mabel want to wish you all the best for the future and whatever you do now. We will be forever grateful to you and cannot ever thank you enough for the care you have given us as a family. Hopefully Mabel’s outlook will improve in the future and all of these procedures will become a distant memory but we will tell her about the stranger with the gifted hands that became such a big part of her early life.”
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