The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Research and Innovation

Safety & Confidentiality

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) will make available the data of patients who have not opted out to Flatiron Health UK. This will be securely uploaded to a shared LTHT and Flatiron Health UK platform where the data will be anonymised. This platform is hosted within the NHS Firewall and no data will be removed from within the Firewall until it has been anonymised.

Once this process is complete, the anonymised data will be securely transferred to Flatiron Health UK’s platform in the UK for further processing. The research-ready data will be hosted on Flatiron Health UK’s Secure Data Environment platform where it is accessible to approved researchers. 

The data gathered in this project will be secured at every step of the process. It will remain hosted in the UK and worked on only by UK-based employees of Flatiron Health UK who are subject to strict confidentiality provisions. 

At all times your privacy will remain protected and researchers accessing the data sets will never be able to identify you from the data shared. 

Flatiron Health UK will not make the data available to people and companies who are not focused on using the data for improving cancer care and treatment. Insurance or marketing companies will never have access to the data.