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About the Innovation Pop Up

At the heart of innovation 

The Innovation Pop Up launched in 2021. It is an integral part of the Building the Leeds Way development programme and key to creating a new innovation village for Leeds. Our new hospitals will create the opportunity for us to redevelop our old hospital estate as a world-class hub for research, innovation and technology in life sciences, and bring about direct and wider economic benefits of up to £13bn in net present value terms and around 4,000 jobs.

The Innovation Pop Up launched in 2021 and since its inception significant progress has been made by the team.

Key achievements include:

  • Winning the research and innovation category in the Chief Scientific Officer’s Excellence in Healthcare Science Awards 2022
  • Engagement with 150 companies
  • Identified 32 potential opportunities for collaboration
  • Funding opportunities identified for 10 partners
  • International engagement across Israel, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Taiwan and Japan
  • Established a clinical entrepreneur programme at the Trust with the Healthcare Entrepreneur Exchange Programme

Professor David Brettle, Chief Scientific Officer at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust