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We advise on the best way to approach technology change, to provide significant benefits for patients and health services.Our low-code AireSuite platform puts clinicians at the heart of innovation enabling customisable solutions to be built and delivered in days. The platform bridges the gap between clinical practice and technology, and accelerates the adoption of innovations across the healthcare industry.The digital forms engine Forms4Health, Workflow engine AireFlow, our EHR Aireframe, Integration engine AireGlu and Online Consultation solution can easily be configured to meet local needs, whilst evolving to meet the ever changing requirements of Health and Care organisations.


Alertive has significantly impacted the healthcare industry by addressing the longstanding challenges healthcare providers face, such as inefficient communication methods, cumbersome processes for requesting diagnostics, delays in receiving results, and lack of a structured system for allocating and monitoring tasks. The company's solution has transformed how healthcare professionals communicate, improving patient care and outcomes.

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Bayer UK & Ireland (UKI) is a leading pharmaceutical company and aspires to provide world-class digital health technologies (DHTs) to underpin peoples’ health and wellbeing.

Bayer UKI believes that the way healthcare is provided in the UK needs to be via an integrated approach through innovative and transformative solutions that utilise digital therapeutics alongside more traditional interventions. These solutions can apply to different healthcare priorities, from supporting disease awareness and prevention programmes, enabling early and accurate diagnosis, to personalising healthcare pathways.

Therefore, our vision is: To Bring Digital Health to Life

Bayer has an established foothold in a range of therapeutic areas, including radiology, stroke, chronic kidney disease, oncology, ophthalmology and women’s health, and we have started to explore how the integration of DHT will lead to better patient outcomes. But we can’t achieve this mission alone. We intend to build on our existing partnerships – and develop new ones – to co-design DHTs that are purpose-built for the NHS.

If you’d like to learn more or join us on our journey please e-mail us at

MAC-MACS-GB-0027, January 2024

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BD is driven by one purpose: advancing the world of health™. With solutions concentrated in three essential and integrated areas of the care delivery process — Discovery and Diagnosis, Medication Delivery, and Interventional Treatment.

Part of Medication Delivery is Connected Medication Management which is the all the steps involved from prescription to administration of medication. Yet, these steps can lead to errors which can be harmful and expensive.

BD want to help make the Medication Management process Simpler, Smarter and Safer through products and solutions which can integrate with your Hospital Information Systems.

This will create actionable insights from data and analytics which will reduce medication errors and improve efficiency.

Picture1 v7 We at Better Medicine strive to improve medicine for all. We build intelligent tools that help doctors to provide better care for oncology patients saving lives through improved efficiency and precision in cancer diagnostic workflows. We are at an exciting stage of scaling up our efforts with international expansions already taking place within the UK, South Africa, and the USA. Our vision is to emerge as a global leader in the field of AI-assisted diagnosis, revolutionizing healthcare through technology via provision of AI tools enabling doctors to enhance cancer diagnosis, improve radiological workflows and provide the better treatment.
 Brandon Logo Standard High Res 2 Brandon Medical is a Leeds based company that delivers SMART turnkey equipment for acute and primary healthcare worldwide. Our continuous focus on product innovation has provided healthcare professionals with reliable, high-quality and affordable medical equipment packages for operating theatres and critical care in over 70 countries. 

Brandon Medical are acknowledged experts in medical lighting, theatre control systems, medical supply pendants, medical power and medical audio-video systems. 

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B. Braun is one of the world's leading medical technology companies. With over 65,000 employees, the family-owned company is a true partner, developing smart solutions and setting standards to drive advancements in health care. In 2022, the B. Braun Group generated sales of € 8.5 billion.

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Capri Healthcare is at the forefront of revolutionizing the healthcare industry, aligning with the NHS Digital first strategy. Dedicated to ushering healthcare organizations into the Digital Era, Capri specializes in creating patient-centric online systems, both web and mobile, to alleviate staff burdens and expedite patient care. Their flagship product, TriVice, utilizes cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to reduce avoidable referrals and enhance communication within the healthcare system. TriVice, accompanied by modules like v-Consent, patientCentral, stentRegister, TriVice ED, and v-Consult, comprehensively addresses aspects of patient care, from emergency triage to consenting and communicating with patients. Capri Healthcare is committed to reduce NHS waiting lists, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring right care delivery at right place from the first time. With a focus on digital innovation, Capri drives the healthcare industry's digital agenda, prioritizing efficiency and patient well-being.

card At CardMedic, we are on a mission to make patient communication in healthcare more accessible and become a movement for change. At our core is an ethos of improving patient safety, experience, and quality of care, and reducing health inequalities
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An all in one operational management solution for NHS Trusts.  Sit rep reporting in line with NHS OPEL Framework 23/24, escalations management, Tasking, Guideline/SOP management, and Phonebook all in one place.  CEMBooks helps clinicians and operational teams deliver timely care, manage risk and support quality improvement processes.  Pioneered and used in LTHT since 2017.

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DNV Imatis takes friction out of healthcare operations. Our solutions easily integrate and aggregate data from across your healthcare operations. We bring critical information together into a simple overview, in real-time, wherever you are, unlocking your capacity to care. We help clinical, logistical and administrative teams work together more efficiently, to make better decisions for a seamless patient journey. Good health, seamless patient treatment and quality care lie at the heart of our healthcare solutions. DNV Imatis enables these goals to be more easily reached by making healthcare staffs’ workday more efficient and clearer by removing unnecessary surprises. DNV Imatis is part of the DNV Group.

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EnrichMyCare, created by a Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist, is a one-stop personal health and digital care pathway monitoring platform for children and young people with Cerebral palsy, Autism, ADHD and other rare diseases. The personal health app improves care experience by empowering parents/carers and teachers with digital tools to systematically capture the Child’s complex clinical presentation along with tracking the child’s care journey across multiple health and care providers. Using innovative dashboards and traffic light system, professionals can proactively manage their care along with streamlining intervention across the pathway. The platform’s data analytics capabilities help minimise health complications to improve outcomes, release clinical capacity by reduce unnecessary appointments and investigations and address health inequalities by eliminating variations in care. 

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FibriCheck, a certified medical smartphone application, remotely detects and manages patients with arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (AF). Hardware-free, it empowers self-monitoring of heart rate, rhythm, symptoms, and blood pressure readings, facilitating digital cardiovascular disease (CVD) management and stroke prevention. Adopted by 40+ NHS organisations, its adoption drives digital transformation aligned with NHS Long Term Plan goals and national CVD prevention programs. With 600,000+ users, FibriCheck facilitates early AF detection and timely initiation of treatments, as well as cost-effective and effective management of previously diagnosed AF patients. Our sector validation is backed by inclusion with UK primary care guidance, 70+ peer-reviewed publications, and recognition in esteemed accelerator programs including NIA and DHLA, validating its sectoral impact.

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We deliver digital healthcare for any pathway of care to save time and costs, and to improve the lives of patients and staff.

We achieve this through our CONNECTPlus platform, an all-in-one system for multiple conditions and treatments, which is customised to the needs of your hospital. It provides:
- Information and education for patients
- Remote monitoring and symptom tracking for remote care
- Digital pathways of care to change health for the future.

Patients using CONNECTPlus are better informed and better able to self-manage so they need fewer appointments, are better prepared for treatment, and can be supported remotely.

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We're transforming how clinicians see and engage with medical images with intuitive, easily generated holograms for pre-operative planning. This includes how surgeons see medical images, bringing them to life in the palm of their hand as intuitive, interactive 3D holograms. HoloCare empowers surgeons with a new perspective, so can they spend less time and energy trying to see the problem, and more time trying to solve it.

HoloCare began in 2016 as a research collaboration between the Oslo University Hospital Intervention Centre and Sopra Steria, including multiple research partners. In 2019, HoloCare AS was formed as a company.

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Inicio health stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, dedicated to spearheading digital transformation across the global healthcare landscape with clients across the UK, US and MENA. Our mission? To be the trusted partner for pioneering digital transformation in global healthcare. 

What truly distinguishes us is our foundation: a clinically led ethos coupled with a deep-rooted commitment to the patient experience. Our pursuit isn't just about technology; it's about pioneering solutions that genuinely elevate outcomes and enrich patient care. 

Leveraging our proficiency in AI, automation, data, and strategic planning, our approach is both agile and design-centric, underscored by rigorous clinical governance. 

MicrosoftTeams image 12 1 A dynamic company established to develop digital health applications in chronic (long-term) disease. Itecho is led by clinicians and experts in technology and has ambitious plans to harness the increasing demand for innovative digital health solutions to address capacity and quality issues in healthcare systems.
Large 1 Little Journey aims to support all children to better health through personalised care. We believe that, by providing engaging, interactive and age appropriate content designed to psychologically prepare and support families throughout healthcare interactions, we can improve healthcare experiences and health outcomes for all.
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"Regardless of digital transformation in the NHS, over 85% of Clinicians are still noting their tasks down on scrap pieces of paper or Excel/word handover sheets to remember, prioritise and manage their workload. Despite strenuous efforts from clinical teams, this inefficient process is time-consuming, risks data security breaches and safe clinical task delivery relies heavily on the stretched cognitive capabilities of a burnt-out workforce. 

Founded by two NHS clinicians, The Lister platform enables the MDT to handover and record their clinical tasks digitally using an intuitive and hyper-optimised user interface, obtaining real-time task data and providing unique operational, governance and workforce insights.  

Lister is currently undergoing real-world validation through various pilots and is excited to be part of the Leeds innovation community." 

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Luto has designed iCatch to:

  • help people get to where they need to be through enhanced wayfinding,
  • share relevant information to those who need medical advice and guidance,
  • provide timely crisis communications,
  • integrate to digitalise ward boards to automate the team on shift and other key information including morale boosting compliments, and
  • proactively support with managing long term conditions.

As a fully managed solution we will produce all content on your behalf, in any language, using experts in designing accessible and easy to understand health communications. Our team will also coordinate all relevant information across any entrance or ward simultaneously whilst tailoring to the department whilst ensuring brand and style consistency as well as up to date information.


MediShout revolutionises healthcare operations by seamlessly connecting suppliers, helpdesks, and operational departments through a comprehensive app. With growing waiting lists and cancelled procedures, a digital gap poses a significant challenge, hindering operational efficiencies and communication. Founded by doctors, and partly owned by the NHS, MediShout acts as a one-stop solution, collaborating between suppliers and hospitals. With features like equipment management, maintenance, and streamlined issue reporting, the app empowers hospitals to run efficiently and suppliers to provide seamless service. MediShout ensures complete visibility across operations and leverages AI to predict equipment usage and downtime, facilitating continuous innovation in healthcare technology.


Neu Health is a spin out from Oxford University developed on 10 years of research. Starting with Parkinson’s and Dementia, Neu Health has developed a digital platform for clinicians to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. Utilising readily available smart-phone technology, our MHRA registered software allows patients to complete simple tests to capture clinically relevant symptoms between hospital visits. These are presented as actionable insights to help clinicians, patients and carers improve condition management, and to help clinical teams prioritise patients, manage capacity and reduce waiting lists

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Tailored Talks provides patients with bespoke information packages to help with effective self management, symptom tracking and links into further support through our charity partners. Our app and digital pathway has been shown to reduce patient symptom severity and reduce the burden on primary and secondary care. 
After successful pilots in NHS Scotland, we are looking for pilot opportunities in NHS England. 
Picture4 Improve healthcare with extended reality (XR). We’re Europe’s leading healthcare XR platform.  We provide bespoke, comprehensive XR solutions for healthcare organisations. Our aim is to simplify and support the implementation process to ensure optimal integration to benefit patients and staff.
si logo1 002 Scaled Insights’ Behavioural Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool analyses natural language (e.g., patient-practitioner consultations, telephone or survey responses) to derive models that infer an individuals’ personality attributes. These new data can be correlated with patient specific behaviours to define persona clusters that predict patient behaviours. Once patients are segmented, it becomes easier to test and identify the most effective strategies to nudge them towards desired behavioural changes. A key area of work for Scaled Insights is using their Behavioural AI to improve uptake and adherence to medications working with life science companies, hospitals and academic institutions across the world.
theia ai logo popup Theia AI aims to slow down the progression of disease in multiple sclerosis patients through targeted early intervention. By leveraging artificial intelligence and statistical models trained on clinical data, we stratify at-risk patients. This enables healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions about which treatments to offer their patients, reducing the risk of relapse and disease progression. 
image007 UST are a leading global digital transformation company, who provide innovative platforms and solutions for Healthcare organisations. These products allow care providers to reduce cost, improve patient flow, support accurate demand planning, and increase their quality of care. They are already extensively used  by hospitals across numerous regions around the globe. Through collaboration and partnership with NHS Trusts, clinicians, and innovation spaces, we customise these healthcare platforms to build bespoke solutions for the NHS. Our ethos is to leverage a co-creation mindset, alongside a community focus for tapping into and developing local talent.
Vinehealth Logo full 72px Vinehealth’s mission is to transform life with cancer through technology. Vinehealth is a digital platform that leverages data science and behavioural science to optimise oncology patient outcomes through the Vinehealth Cancer Companion App for patients and the VinehealthPRO dashboard for clinicians.