The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


#BritishScienceWeek 2020: Day in the life of a cardiac scientist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

9 March 2020

Maria echo lightHello, my name is Maria Paton, I’m a cardiac scientist (sometimes called a cardiac physiologist), and NIHR clinical academic research fellow. All of my work focusses on delivering better treatments and services for patients with heart failure whom have, or might benefit from, a cardiac device like a pacemaker.

I specialise in ultrasound imaging of the heart to assess and diagnose heart function, and cardiac rhythm management, which is all around optimising cardiac device settings for each patient.

My day-to-day practice is incredibly diverse, revolving around diagnosing and managing patients in our specialised service for patients with heart failure and a cardiac device, recruiting patients to my teams research programmes, collecting and analysing data, presenting findings, supervising students, and delivering lectures.

Cardiac scientists’ can often be the only healthcare professionals reviewing patients, so this sparked my interest in how we might provide more effective patient management and how I began my career in research.