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October 2018 - Launch of the LTHT Research Academy

Growing the number of patients and staff active in research and innovation is a key strategic aim for the Trust and requires a highly trained and experienced research workforce to ensure the research we deliver and manage is of the highest quality.

The aims of the LTHT Research Academy are to:

  1. Establish a unified organisation-wide education, training and development system for clinical research delivery, management and oversight.
  2. Offer a unique but standardised portfolio of learning and development opportunities in clinical research delivery, management and oversight.
  3. Collaborate to develop and avoid duplication in our education and training provision for research delivery, management and oversight with academic partners, appropriately signpost to personal academic career development as required.
  4. Work together to propogate a culture where the contribution of our research workforce is recognised, valued and supported by all.

The LTHT Research Academy will deliver two main training themes:

  • Excellence in clinical research delivery - A programme of teaching & training opportunities for all staff involved in the delivery, oversight and management of clinical research studies
  • Excellence in NHS Research Leadership - A programme of enabling initiatives for NHS personnel to enhance research activity and successful applications for research funding.

 Training available:

↓ LTHT Internal Training Available

↓ EDGE - Research Management System
Interactive EDGE training workshops where users will learn how to use the Research Management system for Leeds Teaching Hospitals.
Target Audience: LTHT & UoL Staff
Booking Links: Training at St James University HospitalTraining at Leeds General Infirmary
↓ Informed Consent for Non-Registered Research Staff
To understand the ethical principles that underpins the consent process. To understand the legislation and guidance supporting informed consent and to understand the process of informed consent in low risk studies
Target Audience: Clinical Trials Assistants/Clinical Trials Co-ordinators
Booking Links: Click here
↓ Sub-Investigator Training
Designed to provide an overview of the different investigator roles, what are the skills of a good sub-investigator and what is the legislation and guidance.
Target Audience: Clinical Research Fellows/Registrars
Booking Links: Click here
↓ How to be a Good Chief Investigator
Gain and understanding of study set-up including study design, governance, sponsor engagement and finance. What is required for optimal study delivery including study oversight and what does successful study management look like.
Target Audience: Chief Investigators
Booking Links: Click here
↓ Fundamentals of Clinical Research Finances
What is the industry costing template, and how to use it? Gaining an understanding of the schedule of events and statement of activities.
Target Audience: All research active staff
Booking Links: Click here
↓ Learning Bursts
 1. Introduction to clinical research
 2. Introduction to research ethics
 3. Consent and Eligibility
 4. Clinical Research Protocols 
 5. Site File Management
 6. Adverse event reporting & concomitant medications
Target Audience: All research active staff
Booking Links: Click here
↓ LTHT Confirmation of Capacity & Capability Process
For those who wish to find out more about the R&I LTHT CCC process, please book onto this session!
Target Audience: All staff interested in research.
Booking LinksClick here
↓ Research Clinics
For help, advice, and support from a member of the senior R&I team, book a 1/2 hour slot.
Target Audience: All staff interested in research.
Booking Links: Click here

↓ External Training


Target Audience


Good Clinical Practice (GCP) - is the international ethical, scientific and practical standard to which all clinical research is conducted.  Compliance with GCP provides public assurance that the rights, safety and wellbeing of research participants are protected and that research data is reliable. 

All research active staff

You will need a NIHR learn account to access this training.

Informed Consent Training - Designed for all staff wishing to gain a better understanding of the informed consent process require to enrol participants into a research project. It is also suitable for those working with participants engaged in research activity who may not be directly care for in a clinic or hospital setting.

All research active staff

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Principal Investigator Oversight Master Class - The master class is designed specifically for PIs to offer practical solutions to enhance effective study oversight and management and is made up of five modules.

New Principal Investigators

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Research Practitioner Essentials - To provide an introduction to working within clinical research in the NHS, over 2 days. It has a practical focus with the key aim of having a greater awareness of what is expected with regards to successful study planning and delivery.

New Research Active Staff within first 3-6 months of appointment

You will need a NIHR learn account to access this training.

Cancer Researchers Introductory Course (CRIC) - A full day workshop designed for staff across all levels who are new to cancer research. The programme is introductory and pre-supposes only basis understanding of biology

All staff new to cancer research

You will need a NIHR learn account to access this training.