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MRC/NIHR Clinical Academic Research Partnership

The aim of the prestigious Clinical Academic Research Partnership (CARP) scheme is to provide research-qualified healthcare professionals, not currently undertaking any substantial research activity, the opportunity to develop a collaborative high quality partnership with established leading biomedical and applied health researchers. Successful applicants will benefit from protected time and funding to enhance their research skills and experience.
To apply, you must be able to describe how you will extend and develop your research skills and experience, demonstrate that the partnership has a clear value to both you and your research partner and explain why this award is the best way to support a step-change in your research career.

Internal Process

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust will be running an internal process to manage and support LTHT employed clinicians interested in this scheme. This process will also be supported by partner research organisations, such as the University of Leeds and other research organisations where applications are in development. All partnerships are welcome with any research organisation where there is mutual interest in this scheme.

We are holding a virtual information session via Teams on the 20th July, 12:30-13:30. Please email for the link.

Further information can be found via the links below:

Link to CARP information email.

Link to CARP EoI form.

Link to internal timeline.


  • Member of NHS staff, staff contracted to the NHS or working in the care or public health sectors not undertaking any substantive research activity
  • Consultant level or other senior roles, for example Agenda for Change Band 7 or above
  • Senior level with specialised knowledge and demonstrable capacity for professional independence and leadership
  • PhD, MD or equivalent, e.g. three years’ consolidated research time where you have been the intellectual drive behind a project and achieved strong outputs from your research experience

Eligible Research Partners

You must have at least one research partner. The research partner must have a proven track record of securing funding and delivering high-quality research. The research partner must be able to provide a suitably stable environment for the duration of the award. This is typically evidenced by holding funding for the duration of the planned partnership, from funders such as:

They must also be based at an organisation eligible to hold research council funding. This includes but is not limited to:

Your research partner must hold a contract of employment with the host research organisation for the duration of the award.

You must include the research partner within the application as a co-investigator. The research partner must provide a letter of support indicating how they will support you throughout the duration of the award.

Letters of support must be provided by the NHS organisation (or equivalent) to confirm you will be release from clinical duty and your time backfilled, with your research time protected. There must also be a guarantee that you can re-enter the clinic full-time without any loss of career progression or status at the end of the award, if you choose to do so.

If you are interested in applying to the CARP scheme, please contact Dr Sam Heal, Grant Funding Development Manager on to schedule a meeting via Microsoft Teams.

For further information please visit the Medical Research Council (MRC) website here.

Guidance for applicants can be found on the MRC website here.

The Research & Innovation team will be holding information sessions in the coming weeks which will be circulated in due course.

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