Orthopaedic Trauma

Trauma and Orthopaedics is a large surgical speciality that covers a wide variety of services. They include all possible pathologies of the musculoskeletal system (bones, ligaments, muscles).

The service covers both acute conditions (at Leeds General Infirmary) and chronic conditions/elective services (mainly at Chapel Allerton Hospital).

We care for both adults and children.

Our trauma and orthopaedic clinicians receive referrals at local, regional and supra-regional levels. The services are managed by the Trauma and Related Services (TRS) Clinical Service Unit (CSU) which includes the following departments:

  • general trauma and orthopaedics
  • major trauma service
  • paediatric orthopaedics
  • plastic surgical
  • vascular surgical

All possible trauma and orthopaedic subspecialties are within the expertise of our clinicians including:

  • pelvic and acetabular reconstruction
  • hips and knees
  • soft tissue knee reconstruction
  • complex limb reconstruction
  • foot and ankle
  • hand and wrist
  • shoulder and elbow,
  • bone-related and implant-related infections

The Major Trauma Service is led by a group of trauma and orthopaedic senior clinicians that work in teams together with a group of our vascular vurgeons (covering the role of resuscitative surgery for major trauma) and with our plastic surgeons (covering acute and chronic orthoplastic cases).

Chronic and acute spinal conditions are covered by a separate group of clinicians that belong to a different CSU (neurosciences). Oncology-related patients are referred to the Birmingham oncology department.

Staff Members

Business Managers                                                 

Daniel Hobson

Emma Snowden


Rebecka Kenney

Toseka Naqvi

Clinical Lead Major Trauma Centre                         

Nik Kanakaris

Clinical Lead General Trauma and Orthopaedics 

George Whitwell

Clinical Lead Pediatric Trauma and Orthopaedics      

Patrick Foster

Trauma Coordinator Lead                                      

Lisa Robinson

Major Trauma Specialist Nurse Lead                             

Jacqui Moorhead

Head of Nursing                                                         

Dianne Armstrong

TRS CSU Clinical Director                                           

Joseph Aderinto

TRS CSU General Manager                                       

Tracy Mason