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Your surgery

Hip replacement operations usually take between 1 and 2 hours.

A member of the team, either a physiotherapist, nurse or another member of staff will help you to take your first steps after your operation. For most people we help you to get out of bed within 12 - 24 hours of your operation.

To do this we will teach you how to use a walking aid, this might be a zimmer frame or crutches. The day after your operation you will need to begin your exercises, these are the same ones you have been practising at home.

A physiotherapist will be visiting you when you are in hospital and helping you to feel confident doing your exercises. Before you go home we need to be sure you can manage on stairs, you might hear this referred to as doing a stairs assessment.

Most people stay in hospital between 2 and 3 days when having a hip replacement. To see what you can do to help go home as quickly as possible check out the ‘preparing for going home section’ of the website (add link)

Your artificial hip will not allow heavy work, lifting or running and heavy gardening and impact sports will be limited. You may kneel following your hip replacement but you will not be able to rest back fully on your heels.

You can find more details in our leaflet: Total Hip Replacement -A guide to your Rehabilitation