The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Endoscopy Units

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Leeds Endoscopy services are provided in three different locations:

Between the three units there are 10 endoscopy rooms. Each unit is different in size and design but all share the same philosophy, equipment and leadership structure.

The nursing philosophy of care for the Endoscopy Units at Leeds is:

As a multidisciplinary team we aim to provide the best possible care for our patients and provide a high standard of education and training for our staff so best practice can be directed and developed using current research.

We will take into account individuals needs, respecting culture and ensuring patient dignity in an empathetic and caring environment to ensure you feel cared for and supported throughout your procedure and time in the department.

We will ensure infection prevention and patient safety is paramount

As knowledgeable and competent practitioners we recognise the need to continually update our practice through professional development.

The relationship between staff and patients needs to be one of a mutual respect and therefore episodes of verbal abuse or physical aggression will not be tolerated.

We acknowledge that there are always areas for growth and as a team we welcome your thoughts on all aspects of our service or to raise any concerns you may have regarding your care.