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The Leeds Endoscopy Team

Endoscopy is performed by consultant gastroenterologists, and surgeons, independently accredited junior doctors and specially trained nurse endoscopists.

The endoscopists and nursing team often rotate around the different endoscopy units to aid service delivery.

The endoscopy units all have a senior sister who is responsible for the day to day management of the unit, and the nursing team who will be looking after you.

The endoscopy unit clerks, receptionists and the administrative team ensure that appointments are made for patients referred to the service.

Our management team work together to deliver patient centered care.

Our management team is:

  • Jo Corrigan - Matron
  • Simon Everett - Clinical Lead for Endoscopy
  • Matt Storey - Service Manager  

In Leeds we have adopted a competency based approach to staffing. What this means to you is that we ensure that every member of staff is competent to do the task that they are asked to do, independent of grade or nomination. 

Leeds Endoscopy Unit has a strong philosophy of training and research. We believe that good training ultimately improves the care of patients. This means that some procedures are performed by trainees under the direct supervision of a consultant. We like to encourage this although if you do not want a trainee to perform your procedure, you do have the right to refuse.

We also sometimes run live endoscopy training courses but you would always be notified and consulted separately if we were to ask you to be involved.

Finally, we do run research projects through the endoscopy unit, but again you would be contacted directly by a member of the research team to seek your specific consent for any research project.

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