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"Dear Dr Rembacken, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your professional, very stimulating and supportive attitude during the whole duration of my colonoscopy today – from the Reception to the moment of leaving the department. It was amazing to look at myself from inside (!) The Team, particularly Dr Rembacken, turned the test to an unforgettable experience. The kind warnings at the more difficult moments of the test and the explanation of what I was observing on the monitor made me feel comfortable and important.Many thanks to all of you indeed!"

"The care and attention which I received during my stay and operation were better that any I have had at any private hospital. The staff and doctors were most friendly and welcoming. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wharfedale to anyone. Many thanks."

"Dear Dr Huggett.  I wanted to pass through my thanks to yourself and all your staff for the care and consideration that was given to my daughter during her time in the Endoscopy unit at St James.  More than anything, you listened.  You took on board what would make the appointment possible for her and members of staff took the time to read her Health Passport.  They did not just look at her and presume, every single person who had contact with her spoke with her, not at her.   Of particular note is Nurse Anna, her skill and calm is second to none. I can’t thank you enough for making this procedure possible." 

"Dear Dr Khan, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and the care you provided when you endoscoped me on Wednesday morning. I don't know how long you have been endoscoping but I thought you showed how skilful you have become at the procedure. Those who have been training you must be pleased with your progress, this includes Susanna Newton who supervised you on Wednesday and who, together with all the endoscopy department staff, made me so welcome and demonstrated how a department should be run."

 "Today I had a colonoscopy in the department. All the staff especially the doctor and nurses were excellent. They treated me wonderfully at all times and we're supportive. I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone."

"Dear Margo Bonner, Many thanks for your letter of 3rd July. I am writing to thanks you and your team for the kind, understanding and professional way in which I received my treatment. You made a worrying time pass well, were reassuring during the procedure and at all times were genuinely concerned with my welfare. Well done and thank you."

"I recently underwent an endoscopy examination at Wharfedale Hospital.I have nothing other than praise for the quality of my treatment and the care I received. I was welcomed to the unit and advised on the procedure by a nurse, who explained in plain language and precise detail what would happen and what I could expect my reaction to be at every stage. His care and thoroughness in making sure I was fully aware of what would take place during the endoscopy enabled me to remain calm and confident in the hands of a very professional team.The surgeon performing the endoscopy and the two nurses assisting him and caring for me during the endoscopy l am not qualified to assess the degree of competence of any of this team, I can only say they made me feel cared for the whole time. I was particularly grateful for the frequent reassurance given and the explanation of what was happening to me and why.At the end of the examination the surgeon gave me a brief but very clear explanation of what he had found. I was further advised by the discharging nurse about what to do and who to contact if I experienced any discomfort. I was even shown the shortest route to the exit from the hospital.In conclusion I can only say the experience left me with the feeling I had received the best treatment possible from a highly efficient caring team from arrival to discharge."

"Dear Julie I would like to thank you for the considerable care and professionalism I received from you and your team when I underwent a gastroscopy during the course of last week. You may remember I was not eagerly looking forward to the procedure but the care I received made it the next best thing to a walk in the park on a sunny day so based on that, I felt I had to thank you one more time for everything. In closing I wish you and your colleagues all the best for a happy and rewarding future. They can say what they wish about the NHS I know what I think after enjoying some 75 years of care at its hands."

"We would like to thank everyone who attended my wife for a procedure. The kindness that was extended by everyone was beyond professional care"

"On Friday 15th June  I attended your hospital for a colonoscopy. My appointment was at 1.40. I would like to share some of my thoughts with you. The ladies on reception were helpful and friendly and I was not kept waiting. The nurses in the department were attentive and helpful. The doctor undertaking the procedure was informative and reassuring. the nurses assisting the doctor were also reassuring and After the procedure I appreciated being given a printed report describing the outcome. Attending for the procedure was a worrying time for me, but the experience was made so much easier by the manner in which your staff behaved. Thank you for providing this service in such a competent and caring way."

"What wonderful staff in this department. I was very nervous about the procedures but from the minute I was greeted at the reception to the time I left, without exception, all staff were so very kind and went over & above their professional duties to put me at ease. I would particularly like to mention Helen Allan who was with me throughout and was very comforting, she made the whole experience as good as it could be! I felt very cared for but in a genuine way, I was not just a patient, I was a person which is a hard thing to achieve in a busy hospital. Please pass on my sincere thanks and I hope this department can be given a prize for excellence!"

"I was very impressed with everyone I met at the clinic from the welcoming receptionist, the nurse that took my details, the doctors and staff that carried out the procedure and the nurse that gave me feedback at the end. I was really nervous but they put me at ease and really helped me to deal with everything. Please pass on my thanks to everyone on duty that day. I know the NHS has been under massive pressure but the staff were professional and kind."

"I just wanted to let you know I spent a lovely 2 hours in your endoscopy dept this aft. Well looked after by your 6's Ana and Kayleigh, welcomed with a cuppa while I waited. As research nurses we get so used to going to departments and being ignored that it's so lovely to be not only be acknowledged but welcomed with such warmth and professionalism. The reg working with Bjorn was friendly, he came to find me to discuss what we needed. Even Zara the student introduced herself. Will you pass on my sincere thanks for such a positive experience."

Letter from patient regarding sigmoidoscopy. "On leaving the endoscopy unit I was met by my wife who asked me the usual questions. I replied I feel absolutely fine, in fact I enjoyed it, yes she raised an eyebrow! So I explained how I was able to observe and participate in all that was going on. Asking questions which were immediately answered and so on. May I say all the staff I encountered were both diligent and friendly creating what I call real confidence. Sincere thanks and best wishes to everyone."

"I had a Colonoscopy at Wharfedale Hospital on 16th Feb. I wanted to highly commend all the staff I had contact with. The mix of obvious professionalism and high levels of skill and experience, melded with good humour and gentle banter was exactly right for me and very much appreciated." 

"On the 12th February I received Radio Frequency Ablation treatment as a continuation of a program extending over 2 years. Each treatment has been carried out directly by, or under the supervision of the admirable Dr Bjorn Rembacken. On every occasion that I have attended the Endoscopy Unit, I have received the very best of treatment without any cause for complaint. From the first visit I felt entirely at ease in the presence of  Dr Rembacken, owing to his friendliness and gentle humour. This attitude seems to be a common trait amongst all the staff that I have met in the unit, and is a very important feature in my view. I wish to extend my gratitude and respect to Dr Rembacken and to all his support staff, in particular Dr Jack Kane who has carried the last two treatments along with Dr Rembacken. I include other Endoscopists, all the nursing staff who were present during the treatment and nursing staff who were involved in the assessment and recovery procedures. I think that the Endoscopy Unit is a credit to Leeds Teaching Hospitals and to the NHS generally."


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21/12/2017, feedback from endoscopy website- I was dealt with by the endoscopy unit staff at the LGI yesterday. I would like to let the staff and their line managers know how great they were. It was an uncomfortable and embarrassing procedure but their professional and empathetic approach was much appreciated. Special thanks goes to those staff who actually performed the procedure. Thank you all

21/12/2017,feedback on endoscopy website- Well I had 2 colonoscopy at LGI, and an Endoscioy at ST James, on all three occasions I was nervous and a bit scared really.but the pre assessment call regarding my medication really helped my concerns.Not only this but the nursing staff on arrival for consent and checking details,were on all three occasions first class.They explained everything about the procedures in a calming and informative way,Made me feel more relaxed and confident. Also during each procedure the doctors and staff were fantastic, always talking to me making sure i was ok,and even a few little jokes. And the after care staff were also reasuring and attentive to any needs.All in all Thank you st james and lgi, your staff are a credit to the Nhs,and should be proud of the fantastic job they are doing.Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.x

 21/11/17, letter to the endoscopy department at St James-  "Many  thank you's to the department for all the kindness and compassion I have always been shown during my treatment (about 25 endoscopies with dilatation) over the last 2 and half years"

30/10/17 - compliment on NHS Care Website, regarding a colonoscopy at Wharfedale Hospital. "I arrived at 8.30am and had the best treatment from all staff. They explained everything so well and treated me absolutely wonderful. The nurses are like angels so kind and polite. Thank you to all of you for making this procedure more bearable and of course the amazing doctor. A massive thank you to all in this department."

06/09/17 - email to matron - "Dear Ms Corrigan, I had the above investigative procedures carried out in the Clarendon Wing of LGI on August 16th and September 5th respectively Despite dozens of previous similar procedures including both of the above but mainly for Barretts surveillance endoscopies for some reason I was conscious of being more anxious than usual on this occasion 
Your staff however were all very kind and reassuring and did their best to give support to this somewhat difficult patient Nurse Endoscopist Helen Bailey was absolutely wonderful and very gentle.whilst Andy Potts yesterday was incredibly patient throughout, very  professional and certainly operated an excellent minimally painful technique with this procedure, as far as I was concerned, as I was able to avoid using the gas and air frequently offered."

01/09/17 - received via PALS: today I had to undergo an endoscopy, I opted for the transnasal endoscopy due to my fear of this general procedure. The staff understood I was extremely nervous and anxious and treated me with compassion and patience. Dr Mckay was absolutely amazing and with sedation I can honestly say that I did not have any awareness of this procedure taking place. From a physical point of view I would like to point out I was fully awake and had awareness which I had feared, however, there was no discomfort at all. Thank you to the whole team and special thanks to Dr Mckay for being patient and comforting plus making the procedure bearable...Thank you all ever so much.

10/05/17 - received via PALS: "I was seen in Endoscopy Wharfedale earlier this week and wanted to thank the staff for their kindness and compassion shown towards me. Everyone from the receptionist through to admitting nurse, endoscopy nurses, and Prof Sandle was patient, reassuring, introduced themselves and made what will always be a thoroughly unpleasant set of tests as pleasant and bearable as possible. Thank you." 

02/05/17 - I visited the Endoscopy unit at Wharfedale Hospital on Friday of last week with my Mum and, as a member of staff, I would like to say how kind and friendly all the staff were. My mum received excellent care from professionals. 

Badger, March 2017 - "Had cause to visit the Endoscopy unit to have both Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy investigations completed. Contact with the unit was firstly via mail when a package arrived containing my appointment, a prep solution and quite a few information leaflets about the procedures to be undertaken. All really informative and made clear that you can call the department at any time for a chat about any queries you have. When I went to the department for the procedures I was seen on time, without fuss and I felt unrushed - the nurse allowed me time to discuss any queries I had and ensured I was comfortable to proceed. The procedure itself was quick and professional with great care taken to ensure dignity of the patient. Overall, a really great service and without a doubt far less of worry than it was built up to be."  

 Tony, April 2017 - "I went for a procedure at WGH Endoscopy yesterday and I’d like you to know I was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff there. They really made me comfortable when I was going for a procedure I was a bit concerned about."  

Carol Copsey, April 2017 - "Going to see a consultant at the hospital can be very scary but there is no need to worry as once you get there the doctors and nurses are very kind and caring.  I have had my last procedure for the 15th time before Christmas. I was very impressed with everything in the Endoscopy Department.  Each person worked in a well organized team from the receptionist to Dr Simon Everett’s team as well as the nurses and the rest of the team who looked after me.  I have had many procedures done by Dr Everett over the last 20 years at Wharfedale General Hospital, LGI and St James’s. Thank you so much."  

Gary Whitehill, April 2017 - "I wanted to leave this feedback of my recent visit to the Endoscopy unit at Clarendon Wing LGI! Any procedure is not nice to have to undergo and probably more so the Endoscopy, i was incredibly nervous prior to my visit and subsequently when i arrived. I was met by a really great team on reception and had my pre-assessment done by a member of staff - Simply amazing put my mind at rest and made me less nervous from the outset. The team carrying out my procedure were fabulous, this really is the most horrendous thing i have had to ensure however had it not been for them it would have been much worse. They were incredibly professional and very attentive and caring - It was not easy for them but they got me through it. The member of staff in the recovery suite was also amazing and i am so very grateful to you all. It is a shame that you do not always get great feedback or the fact that so few take the time to feedback. Once again a massive thank you to you all."  

Linda, May 2017 - "They are so kind, I had to have several procedures last year and was nervous at first but talk to the team when you arrive. They are very understanding and will do all in their power to make your experience as comfortable as possible. You can have sedation, it wears off quickly and you really won't remember much about your endoscopy. Main thing is not to worry. The teams are great"