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Health Passport

What is a health passport?

The health passport is offered to everyone with a learning disability and/ or Autism diagnosis.

A completed health passport gives staff lots of useful information about any communication needs, reasonable adjustments, anxieties, likes or dislikes a person may have.

It helps staff understand the patient’s individual needs and plan their care.

We have a Passport for people with a Learning Disability and one for Autistic People. Please use whichever is best for you.

The health passport was co-produced with people with a Learning Disability and Autistic people. They are regularly reviewed, please share any feedback.

The health passport is called by different names in different areas across the UK, a health passport, hospital passport, All About Me, Traffic Light document and many other names.

It does not matter which hospital passport you bring with you. The important thing is that you share useful information with hospital staff.

How do I get a passport?

Please use the buttons below to download a blank hospital passport to fill in.

You can call us if you would like a copy posting to you (0113 2066836)


Get Me Better blank hospital passport

Hospital Passport for autistic people

What will you do with my passport?

We ask everyone with a learning disability and/ or Autism to complete one and return to it to us, The Learning Disability and Autism Team at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, for upload to their medical records (computer patient records).

This means hospital staff will be able to read it, even if they are not with you to read a paper copy.

An electronic passport also reduces the risk of it being lost.

Patients can still bring a paper copy with them to share with the hospital staff.

You can email a copy back to or send a paper copy in the post to:

The Learning Disability and Autism Team

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Trust HQ

Beckett Street


When should I update my passport?

Please update the hospital passport at least once a year, or sooner if needs or situations change.