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Molecular Genetics

Welcome to Molecular Genetics

Welcome to the home page for the molecular genetics services provided by Leeds Genetics Laboratory based in the Regional Clinical Genetics Service at St James's University Hospital in Leeds, UK.

These services, part of the UK National Health Service, exist to offer DNA testing for families or individuals at risk of genetic disease, and established services have UKAS accreditation for this purpose. We work as part of the UK Genetic Testing Network and in close co-operation with the Northern Regional Genetics Service (Genetic Laboratories - Yorkshire and Northern Collaboration; GenLYNC).

NB Services which are in development may fall outside of the scope of UKAS accreditation, until application for inclusion is processed and approved. The accreditation status of each service is indicated on the 'Tests - by disorder' webpage.

This web page is aimed primarily at health workers as an information resource. Please treat this site as a guide only.

For more information about the scope of our work, visit the British Society of Genetic Medicine (BSGM) website.