The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Oncology Genetics

The North East and Yorkshire Genomic Laboratory Hub, Central Lab delivers a dynamic range of services covering acquired genetic disorders. Please see individual service pages for further information.

Haematological disorders

Patients with a suspected leukaemia or other haematological disorders may be tested for the presence of an acquired chromosome abnormality. Cytogenetics can provide diagnostic and prognostic information on the disease status. The tissue of choice is usually bone marrow, though blood and other involved tissues are occasionally examined.

Solid Tumours

Tumour samples from the majority of childhood cancers are investigated in a similar way to bone marrows in order to detect acquired chromosome abnormalities. Some selected adult cancers are also investigated.

Molecular Oncology

The Molecular Oncology Diagnostics facility is built on a collaboration of Histopathologists, Genetic scientists, Oncologists, Cancer Research UK Scientists and Bioinformaticians. Working closely together, they have developed a method by which individual genes from many different patients can be tested together, with the flexibility to add on other genes when they become clinically appropriate.