The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Referral Cards

All referrals for genomic tests are guided by the National genomics test directory and clinical eligibility criteria.

Please complete all sections on these cards in accordance with our Trust Labelling Policies (NHS internal only).

Request cards that are incomplete can lead to delays in processing, or the wrong test being carried out.

Referral Forms

GLH Prenatal Form, DPYD, RNA Fusion Panel, tBRCA and HRD, Rare Disease Genetic Testing, WGS RD Trio Referral Forms

Haematological Disorders referral card.

Solid Tumour Specialist Diagnostic Services referral card.

Circulating lung tumour referral card.


High Risk Samples

We are unable to process high risk samples classified as level 3 pathogens or above (eg Tuberculosis (TB), Rabies, Yellow Fever, Vaccinia, Typhoid, Plague, Anthrax, Hanta viruses, Polio type 2).

Any such samples received will be rejected by the laboratory.


It is the responsibility of the requesting Doctor to ensure that specimens and request forms are correctly labelled.

Incorrectly or unlabelled specimens may not be processed by the Laboratory and will be considered as a RISK INCIDENT. Details will be forwarded to the Health and Safety Co-ordinator to identify problem areas.

It is important that known high risk of infection specimens are appropriately labelled. This will allow the laboratory to make a suitable risk assessment, and apply relevant local precautions in respect of trainee and junior staff, pregnant staff, and those who have recently given birth, so as to ensure staff health safety and welfare.

In order to comply with existing Health & Safety Advisory Committee guidelines and legislative requirements, the use of ‘danger of infection’ labels for specimens known or suspected to carry a blood borne virus is strongly recommended.