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Hyper-acute Stroke Research and Paediatric Research recruit 1000th patient

11 March 2016

Each and every year, thousands of people volunteer to take part in clinical studies, trials and research being conducted at LTHT.

Research can help to improve the care the Trust provides here in Leeds and development of medicines and techniques within LTHT ensures that the hospitals can offer some of the very latest treatments, sometimes impacting on healthcare across the globe.

The Trust works with partners locally, nationally and internationally on studies looking at a huge spectrum of medical science.

Recently, the Hyper-acute Stroke Research and Paediatric Research teams recruited their 1000th patient to a study looking at procedures called 'shunts'. The purpose of the trial is to find out which particular device is best for patients in these operations. These simple valve mechanisms help to remove liquid on the brain in cases of a condition called hydrocephalus.

Surgeons, Mr John Goodden, Mr Ian Anderson and Mr Kenan Deniz joined research staff Mary Kambafwile, Janet Clark, Linetty Makawa and Helen Radford to celebrate this success.

This study has been a real collaborative effort and demonstrates the passion of staff for high-quality, high-profile clinical research here in Leeds.

Helen said “We’d like to thank all of the amazing participants in this study who are helping us to improve patient experiences within Neurosciences. Only through research and trials such as this can we ensure that we are providing the best possible care.

“I am really proud of all of the hard work of the team and hope that we will continue to build upon the success we have seen so far.”

Hyper acute stroke research