Volunteer for Treatment with Undergraduate Students

The School of Dentistry has a limited number of places available for volunteers for treatment by undergraduate dental students or dental hygiene and dental therapy students, as part of the students’ clinical education.

If you are not registered with a dentist, you may be eligible to volunteer. To access this service you will have to register your interest, undergo an assessment and meet certain criteria.

As our students can provide only a limited range of treatments volunteers will need to undergo a short assessment. One of our tutors will speak to you about what is expected of student treatment and will carry out a brief assessment of your dental needs to see if you are a suitable candidate, or whether your needs would be better managed by a General Dental Practitioner. This does not constitute a regular dental examination and should not be thought of as a comprehensive dental assessment. Following this you will be advised as to your suitability or otherwise.

Many patients’ treatment needs are too complex for our students and it is possible that you may be declined at this stage. If you are accepted you will be placed on a waiting list for one course of treatment. The length of time waiting will depend on the type and complexity of treatment required. If that period of time is extensive you should expect to find your own means of gaining a dental check-up or emergency dental treatment if the need arises. Appointment times will vary and treatment is likely to take longer than it would in a standard dental practice. Once the course of treatment is completed, you will be discharged. 

Treatment is provided free of charge. Due to limitations of clinic capacity, School of Dentistry reserves the right to close access to waiting lists for treatment by students at any time; apologies in advance if we are unable to help you.

Registration is now open and we are accepting applications. Please submit using the form below*:

Download volunteer form  

*Please note this link is only available on a desktop computer. If you are viewing this on a mobile device and do not have access to a computer, you can collect and complete a form at the front desk of Leeds Dental Institute, or alternatively call us on (0113) 2440111. 

You can also download the pdf using the button above and email to leedsth-tr.ldistudentvolunteers@nhs.net