The Leeds Genetics Laboratory

North East and Yorkshire Genomic Laboratory Hub, Central Lab

The North East and Yorkshire Genomic Laboratory Hub, Central Laboratory Leeds incorporates Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics and a Molecular Oncology Diagnostic Facility. The laboratory is supported by the Translational Genomics Unit. The service is based at St James’s Hospital and is part of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

What we do

The laboratory provides genetic analysis for inherited and acquired diseases in accordance with the new National Genomic Test Directory and working as a part of the North East and Yorkshire Genomic Laboratory Hub.

The Laboratory is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No. 9862. A copy of the Leeds Genetics Laboratory accreditation schedule is available on the UKAS website.

Tests not UKAS accredited (95kB)

Letter to users (Feb 2023) (173kB)

Leeds Genetics QM Records 24 Split Site Test Information V1.0 (42kB)


This webpage is aimed primarily at health workers as an information resource.

Sending Samples to the Laboratory

Table of Sample Requirements 

Referral Cards

Further information on sending Samples to the Laboratory

Notices to users

1. Update to acceptance of buccal and saliva samples 

Letter to users: Update to acceptance of buccal and saliva samples (January 2024)

2. Delays to Genomic Laboratory testing services

Letter to users: Delays to Genomic Laboratory testing services (November 2023).

3. Reinstatement of UKAS Accreditation to ISO 15189:2012 Standard

Letter to users: Reinstatement of UKAS Accreditation (August 2023) (143kB pdf)

4. Partial suspension of UKAS accreditation for molecular genetics activities 

Letter to users: Partial Suspension of UKAS Accreditation (February 2023).

5. Genomic services turnaround time performance

Letter to users: Delays to NE&Y GLH genomic testing services (February 2022).

6. Genomic services backlogs

Letter to users: Genomic services backlog communication (January 2022).

We continue to work together with our partners in the North East and Yorkshire Genomic Laboratory Hub to manage recovery plans to rectify and improve performance; however it will take several months before a significant improvement is apparent for some services.

Please contact the laboratory:

  • before sending a sample if you are uncertain whether a genetic test is suitable if a sample you have already sent becomes clinically urgent; we will work to re-prioritise

3. Switching interim panels to WGS July 2021

Letter to users (667kB)

4. Brexit COVID communication April 2020

Letter to users (214kB)

5. Notice to users – coronavirus disease COVID-19 (virus SARS-CoV-2) – impact on genomic/genetic services and sample acceptance. Our current service is significantly affected.

Non-NHS England and Private Patients

Referrals from outside NHS England are accepted for testing from an appropriate referrer according to the scope of tests offered by the laboratory and the National genomics test directory. Please contact the laboratory to discuss testing requirements.


Please contact the laboratory for current testing costs.

Self-funded tests

For patients who are not eligible for genetic testing via the NHS and wish to fund their own testing, we do accept private referrals from an appropriate referring clinician.

When to pay

We require payment to be made in full prior to release of laboratory reports.*

How to pay and methods of payment accepted

Please complete the self-funded test form in full and send it together with the sample request form and specimen at the time of referral. We accept credit/debit card payments.

Self-funded test form (80kB)

Please note we are unable to make direct claims for payment from Private Medical Insurers. If the patient wishes to submit a claim to their own insurance provider we can provide confirmation of payment once the payment has been made in full. Any claims made are the responsibility of the patient.

On receipt of a sample and appropriate request and payment forms we will contact the patient funding the test supplying step-by-step instructions, together with a unique reference number which should be quoted on all further correspondence.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problems with using this system.

*(Please refer to the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust terms and conditions for self-funding patients on the Private Patients page).

Genomics Education Resources

External Resources

The links below provide information and educational resources for healthcare professionals.
Health Education England: Genomics Education Programme.

Service Change Notifications

New or Pending Notifications

Letters to users re: Changes to Prenatal Genetic – Testing Familial Translocation and DiGeorge [2023]

Letter to users re: Changes to Postnatal DiGeorge Testing[2023]

Letter to users re: Fetal Tissue eligibility criteria Sept [2023]

Letter to users re: changes to Solid Tissue service [2023]

Previous Notifications (older than 12 months)

Letter to users re: changes to Solid Tissue service [2021]

Letter to users re: changes to microarray service [2019]

Letter to users re: accreditation of DNA extraction facilities reinstated [2019]

Letter to users re: laboratory change of name and address effective 15th July 2019 [2019]

Letter to users re: constitutional genetics testing services [2019]

Letter to users re: somatic cancer genetics testing services [2019]

Changes to current service [2019]

In response to NHS England’s recent Strategy and Service Specification for the future of Genomics services in England, Newcastle Teaching Hospitals, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Children’s Trust, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and NewGene have formed the Yorkshire and North East Genomic Laboratory Hub (YNEGLH); an exciting collaboration to provide services for Genomics across Yorkshire and Humber and the North.

The Leeds Genetics Service will continue to receive samples, perform genomic tests and dispatch DNA samples for specialist testing to the appropriate laboratory, as part of YNEGLH. We will issue further information about the future genomic testing arrangements as it becomes available.

NHS England is currently producing the National Genomic Test Directory that will specify which genomic tests are commissioned by the NHS in England, the technology by which they are available, and the patients who will be eligible to access to a test.

The final draft 2018/2019 National Genomic Test Directory for rare and inherited disorders and cancer.

Letter to users re: changes to Whipple disease service [2018]

Change to format of oncology reports [2018]

Please note that from 01/01/18 solid tumour and molecular oncology results will be reported and integrated into cellular pathology reports. Separate reports from the Leeds Genetics Lab will no longer be issued.

Letter to users re: change to testing strategy for recurrent miscarriage patients [2017]