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Being called in for a kidney transplant

Being called in for a kidney transplant

From the time that you are active on the transplant waiting list it is possible that you could be contacted to come to St. James's University Hospital for a kidney transplant. Therefore when you are active on the waiting list your transplant co-ordinators need to know:

  • how to contact you 24 hours a day.
  • if you are going on holiday and will not be able to travel back to Leeds within a few hours.
  • if you are unwell or have any new medical problems.

When you receive the telephone call

When you are on the transplant waiting list, unless you have a planned date to receive a live donor kidney transplant, you could be called in for a transplant at any time of day or night. Most people are telephoned and asked to come to St. James's University Hospital between 10pm and 6am. We will try calling all of the contact numbers which we have for you for 2 hours. If we are unable to speak to you, your family members or friends within this time we will offer the kidney to another patient. It is therefore important that you always notify your local transplant co-ordinators of any changes in your contact details.

When we contact you to come in for a transplant it is because we have been offered a deceased donor kidney transplant for you. There is never any guarantee that the transplant will go ahead. You will normally have up to 4 hours to travel to Leeds, we do not want you to speed or take risks to get to St. James's Hospital. We will ask you to come to either ward J49 or J50. If you are not familiar with St. James's Univeristy Hospital we recommend that you carry out a practice run.

Once you arrive on the ward your fitness for surgery will be assessed to ensure the risks associated with a general aneasthetic and transplant surgery do not outweight any potential benefits. Once the kidney arrives (this may be a number of hours after you have arrived) one of the Consultant Transplant Surgeons will inspect the kidney and assess whether it is suitable to be transplanted into you. The Transplant Immunology Scientists will have to confirm that the kidney is a match for you, this could take up to 4 hours and can only commence once we have blood samples for you and samples from your kidney donor.

Once we know that:

  • you are suitable to undergo a kidney transplant
  • the kidney looks suitable for you to receive
  • the kidney is a match for you

the operating theatre will be arranged as soon as possible.

What to bring with you when you are called to come in for a kidney transplant

This list is not exhaustive but provided as a guide for you:

  • your medications or a list of your current medications
  • slippers or alternative footwear for whilst you are on the ward
  • loose fitting clothes
  • loose fitting nightwear
  • toiletries
  • a book or something to occupy you for when you are feeling better
  • a dressing gown
  • small change
  • we advise you not to bring in any valuables