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Life after a kidney transplant

Out patient clinic appointments

Patients who have their care based in Hull, Bradford or York will be have their care followed up in their respective hospital from the time that they are discharged from the ward. Patients who previously had their care based in Dewsbury, Halifax, Huddersfield, Pontrefract and Wakefield will have all of their post transplant care in Leeds.

The renal (kidney) transplant clinic is held on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. They are staffed by senior Doctors. At each clinic visit you will be asked to supply a urine sample (bottles are provided). After seeing a Doctor you will be asked to have a blood test. There is a water fountain in the waiting area for you to take your anti rejection medications after your blood test.

Patients who have recently had a transplant (usually for the first month) will have 3 appointments a week. On a Monday and a Wednesday this is a nurse led clinic therefore you will not have an appointment with a Doctor. One of the Nurses will weigh you and carry out a general assessment. You will then have blood tests. If the Nurse or yourself have any concerns one of the Doctors will be notified. On Friday mornings you will have an appointment with a Doctor.

Your anti-rejection medications are always supplied by the hospital. Prescriptions can be arranged when you have an appointment with a Doctor. You will be asked to monitor the number of tablets which you have left to ensure that you do not run out.

After the first month your clinic appointments will probably reduce to weekly and become less frequent as your health improves and kidney function stabilises.

Nurses are available in clinic for help and advice but you can also telephone with any questions.

Life after a kidney transplant

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